Friday, 23 March 2012

This is NOT the Slow Clap Movement Approved by DJ!

Sadly, the talk about #slowclap reminded me of this.

I saw this the other night in a sports bar/pub, where once again I was reminded by society that women apparently don't drink alcohol except in pastel colours and loaded with sugar and don't have money to spend on luxury products like hooch what with having abortions every five minutes in between rounds of using up vast stores of contraceptives.

Not that the depiction of men is any better.  I had hoped the trend of alcohol ads employing the exploitation of masculine anxiety to fit in with the 'approved' stereotypes of 'real man manly man' behaviour had tapered off, but hooboi, this puts the boot to that.

Kindly note how our 'hero', quivering with rupturing anxiety on how he might be perceived by other men near him for the fact he is carrying a stereotypical *feminine* item (underlined twice by the fact it is Pastel Pink), drops it to the floor and proceeds to obviously and deliberately treat-it-like-odious-female-dog shit-he-must-clean-up-without-sullying-himself.  I could hope they did not imply the B-word, but that action was wayyyy deliberate, so I am inclined against merciful interpretations Wiser's marketing firm is just pig-mud for brains stupid.

Said geeeeeenius action is then applauded by a meta-gathering of meta-men representing all that is good and machismo and men's rights activism. And a lamp.

Adding insult to injury, it was a *forced* awkward, stupid contrivance to start!  What, in the Name-of-Sanity reason does the woman have to hand off her small purse, which I presume contains her money and other valuables, to the guy with her and head-into-the-store-where-she-hopes-to-make-a-purchase. Neither of them had purchases already.

Maybe the ad means welcome to the Loserhood. A truly wiser man this ain't.  But, I'm sure I just can't take a joke. Ah well, I'll cry in my single malt Dalwhinnie 15, which oddly, doesn't rely on crap messaging like this.


Niles said...

Ok, there's no lamp, it's a banner. No, Just an old white dude openly drinking alcohol in public at the food court apparently.

liberal supporter said...

He started by doing the standard manly men approved "just don't look like you are used to carrying a purse" routine. It's only the classic definition homophobic (the fear that someone will think you yourself are a homosexual) types who find that insufficient.

But I think it was supposed to be the pussy whipped angle they were working. If you're pussy whipped, drink Wiser's to try and forget, and to give you courage to do minor acts of disobedience.

You see, in the real world, the guy would continue to carry her purse after she came back, with his other arm around her waist as they walk away wearing that special almost smile and a slight quickness of step. While the dudes on the sidelines watch, wishing they were about to get laid in the next hour too.

Beijing York said...

Dalwhinnie!?! Niles, dontcha know that that is the most feminine of the single scotches available ;-)

Niles said...

I make a rude Glaswgegian gesture in your general direction, Ms BY!

Although, notably, it is the bottle left of the hoard. The others all went first. Might go well in a pint of Strongbow though.

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