Tuesday 13 March 2012


In the fun spirit of #TellVicEverything, this is new thing on Twitter.

Let's send these pearl-clutchers to their fainting couches with gory details of our unruly lady-parts.


UPDATE: It's taking off on Twitter (q.v.) and our prochoice male pals are helping. And now it's on Facebook too.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I don't think those MPs are following that hashtag on twitter. :(

Maybe if there were a service that would collect a set of tweets, and then email them off...

sassy said...

What the hell is this?

fern hill said...

That's his flimsy excuse for reopening the debate. Lame, innit?

Niles said...

Odd, how for a 'private member's bill', the usual running dogs are doing verbatim '400 year old law' cut and pastes in the comment sections of the news announcing Woodyworthy going to get his time in the debate sun. It's like parrots getting carrots.

I don't think people should be sending tweets. I think they should be sending him:

a/ used menses blotters, so he can check them for aborted humans.
b/ private adoption forms so he and his 'constituents' can take in the unborn 'humans' *saved* by his heroic stance. That should up the population base of the riding in a hurry, and give an economic lesson at the same time.
c/ in lieu of having taxpayers dole out welfare monies and all attached costs to increased numbers of women impoverished by pregnancy, contractual agreements stating he will financially support a woman throughout a pregnancy she doesn't want but he does.

Other than that, I want to see a 'debate' opened on why men should have to undergo tests before they have sex that could result in a pregnancy, and if they cannot prove their sperm are undamaged by a poor lifestyle choice, a condition that *might* result in damaging the potential life of a fetus...sorry, unborn human...that the willfully irresponsible man be criminally liable for lethal abnormalities resulting in a dead/malformed infant..baby...preborn...religio-political sideshow.

After all, science has developed in the last 400 years to prove that environmental factors affect the viability of sperm and that the male in sexual procreation contributes half the genetics of a preborn human. HALF! Whodathunk?

Anonymous said...

I've sent out tweets to that hashtag but I also add the hashtag #cdnpoli and #CPC.

BTW the 400 year old law seems to have evaporated from the MP's webpage.

Title still there, but no definition.

Námo Mandos said...

I thought that was the point...?

the regina mom said...

I would be so sure of that. They're being alerted, you can be sure of that. Otherwise their minions wouldn't be out rallying for the fetus!

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