Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Humpty Dumpty Initiative in Canada

Personhood initiative in Oklahoma.

Who does this remind you of?
I asked Skerbitz what he thought of the “war on women” rhetoric that had lately taken root. He replied, perfectly on-message, “We believe our first and foremost duty is to protect the rights of all people, including the unborn, including unborn women.”

Born women, you’re on your own.

Oh yeah. Our own Personhood Promoter.

We've gotta stop this in its tracks. We do NOT need a War on Women here.

Online petition approaching 2,000 signatures. Sign and pass on if you haven't yet.


Anonymous said...

The criminal code uses certain terms in order to group people because those were the terms used a long time ago. As the law gets amended, people are concerned about what effects the law will have, not about the feelings of poor little Conform Party MPs when they read the thing (Hah. An implication that they actually read legislation). It's intended that parts of the legislation don't apply to the unborn. There's other perfectly good legislation that covers their specific cases.

This nonsense is a waste of time, and it's too bad the opposition can't just do a quick Find&Replace bill to replace the term "human" with "born human" or something else. Woodworth and friends would be forced to either shut up and stop wasting the taxpayer's time and money, or finally admit their true intentions (ie: stealth criminalization of all abortions) straight out.

Niles said...

I can just imagine his *earnest*, wide-eyed look of sincere ConcernTM. Absolutes uber alles, so long as the absolute is in favour of reinstating a lost-paradise moral apex of societal culture that worships the priesthood of the pale, well-heeled, male, true and few.

It's the new sophistic rhetoric being tried out in Canada where the anti-woman forces can't push for zygote "Personhood".

A cynically deliberate effort to try and jazzhands the legal meaning of 'person' to equal 'human', when the anti-women version of 'human' is already standing in for 'human species genetic material worth more of our effort than a human, female Person already outside the womb and her struggle to survive and thrive'.

The anti-women forces are depending on Appeal to Emotion and all its co-dependents.

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