Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Eenie-Meenie, Pro or Anti

After I wrote the open letter to opposition women's caucuses and Antonia Zerbisias retweeted it, it got some attention from Elizabeth May and Carolyn Bennett. (Djaouida Sellah is on twitter [@DSellahNDP] but hasn't weighed in and BQ's Maria Mourani seems not to have a twitter account.)

May said:
@ElizabethMay: @AntoniaZ @DSellahNDP @Carolyn_Bennett Thanks so much for your work! Do not leave out #CPC women MPs. Many (most?) are pro-choice. #cdnpol

Well, Antonia and I got busy checking both at ARCC and Campaign Lie.

According to ARCC, there are only six known pro-choice CONs: John Baird, Michael Chong, Peter Kent, Gordon O'Connor, Joe Oliver, and Lisa Raitt.

This surprised Ms May.

ARCC's 'probable' anti-choice MPs list
Listings are based on voting record, anti-choice designation in previous elections, partial survey responses to Campaign Life Coalition, indicative public statements, and/or statements made to individual constituents. They are all Conservatives unless otherwise noted, and newly elected MPs are in bold. These MPs are also included on the Unknown list.
Eve Adams
• Steven Blaney
• Ray Boughen
John Carmichael
• Tony Clement
• Jim Flaherty
Parm Gill
• Ed Holder
• Kevin Lamoureux (Liberal)
• Ben Lobb
Lawrence Toet
• John Weston
• Terence Young

All of these are rated by CLC as 'caution', with a cute little yellow traffic light. They are 'still evaluating'.

There are a good number of MPs whose position is unknown, including three Liberals, rated by CLC with a 'caution': Sean Casey, Kevin Lamoureux, and Francis Scarpalggia.

Interestingly, CLC rates Shelly Glover and Mike Wallace, who told a constituent he'd vote against M312, as pro-abortion.

For CON MP Bruce Stanton, who told a local paper he'd vote against it, CLC has 'evaluation pending', but notes his position on M312.

For the record, here is Carolyn Bennett's reply:

Do you know whether your MP is pro-choice or anti-choice? Take advantage of Campaign Lie's handy-dandy search tool. All you need is the MP's last name. When the 'Bio' comes up, click on the next tab 'Contact' and zip him or her a quick question on M312, or as I'm calling it, Woodworth's Wank. You might want to include this link to ARCC's counter arguments.

ADDED: Go read JJ. Is there a blogburst brewing? Do we have WOMBemtum?


deBeauxOs said...

In the last Parliament, Josée Verner, a Québec CPC MP was firmly and unapologetically Pro-Choice. That was her only redeeming trait though; she's now a senator, snuffling happily in the CON trough.

Alison said...

The description of an MP who is pro-equality on the marriage question as anti-traditional marriage is a bizarre and twisted bit of framing. But what else would we expect from an organization which labels itself pro-life but doesn't care if a woman dies due to pregnancy complications.

Miss Vicky said...

for what it's worth, there were a lot of MPs at the hastily-organized women's caucus at the NDP Convention. The bill was raised as an issue and is definitely high on their agenda. Sellah and Women's critic Francoise Boivin were both there

fern hill said...

Good to hear, Vicky. I'd like to see some coordination with the other Opposition parties too. Show the boyos how cooperation is done. ;-)

the regina mom said...

Irene Mathyssen was there, too.

Does anyone know where to look to see if an MP has been in action in the HoC? I'm wondering about mine, Ray Boughen, whom I've heard has been ill.

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