Sunday, 5 February 2012

ZERO Empathy

Here's the thing. Most people who oppose abortion have ZERO idea of the circumstances of many women needing them.

SUZY ALLCAPSLOCK has this screen shot on her blog

and finds it 'ridiculous'.

A three minute pain-free abortion, and you can drive yourself home.

Plus a free pap smear!

Is that a way to perform and market abortion?

The ability to drive oneself home would be a real plus for many women. First, this is Asshole Florida, where there is NO public transportation to speak of, so somebody gotta drive. Plus, in many states, there are Fetus Lobby rules about visiting a clinic multiple times (mandatory waiting period between consult and procedure, or between mandatory ultrasound and procedure). In many USian states, there just aren't very many abortion clinics and women have to travel a loooong distance. Again, maybe multiple times.

Also, being able to drive oneself frees up a partner or friend to look after children at home. 61 per cent of women who have abortions have at least one child.

Driving oneself means that only the woman herself misses work and pay. Many of these asshole states are 'right to work' states, which may mean many things, but usually entails rotten workers' protection.

Aside: Did you know that the US is in exalted company in having NO maternal or parental leave law?
Only four countries have no national law mandating paid time off for new parents: Liberia, Papua New Guinea, Swaziland, and the United States.

Next, the free pap test: While SUZY admits that she's Canadian and so perhaps has no fucking clue about medical costs, maybe SHE should look into how much money a free one would save.
The cost of a Pap smear varies among doctor's offices. The cost can range from $50 through $200. Some offices have a discounted price for uninsured women, while others have a standard rate.

Even if one is insured, there could well be an out-of-pocket charge.

Look at costs for mammograms, a subject in the news lately over the Kolossal Komen Katastrophe:
For an uninsured patient, typical full-price cost of a mammogram ranges from $80 to $120 or more, with an average of about $102, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. Some providers charge more, and some offer an uninsured discount. For example, at the Kapiolani Medical Center in Aiea, Hawaii, where the full price is about $212, an uninsured patient would pay about $127 to $148.

For women covered by health insurance, some plans require no out-of-pocket expenses, while others charge a copay, generally between $10 and $35.

And, as every woman knows, these painful dealies sometimes have to be repeated (ouch, ouch), as do Pap tests.

In so many ways, SUZY is the poster-girl for fetus fetishism. White stay-at-home mother with fabulous health insurance (Canadian universal style).

With ZERO empathy for people not like HER. But with plenty of sneering contempt.


Niles said...

So, women are literally dying because they can't afford medical tests and clinic visits or pre-emptive life style changes or care. Some of them forego their own medical health to get their kids medical care.

But the ones who REALLY care about women and children are the 'every sperm is sacred' crowd whining about sex selection abortions and the tyranny of national day care discriminating against stay-at-home moms and that tax monies withheld from 'commie' plots to redistribute wealth is for the good of all poor who shouldn't be allowed to vote anyway since they just vote to give themselves money to carry on their wild lifestyles of impoverished abandon.

The Faithful really do prefer having people die off once out of the womb. On one hand, they espouse wimmins using their 'free will' to keep a pregnancy to term and if she doesn't, then it's all-her-fault for having 'free will' and not using it the way they dictate, but then they state all post womb injuries, diseases, deaths and impoverishment of life is Gawd's Will. Is it their job to make certain Gawd has enough moving targets to aim at from His holy throne?

deBeauxOs said...

While I rarely visit Blob Blogging Wingnut's website, I did check in on HER tweets and if I recall correctly, SHE hates pregnancy and whines a lot about being in that physical state.

sassy said...

It says "patients may drive themselves to the office"

Niles said...

Ms DeBee, does she have to like pregnancy if she sees it as a religious edict? Doesn't that qualify as her being a martyr for her faith? She can struggle with her own private distress, but isn't the Church all about doing what's right, not what's pleasurable to the individual? Especially if it's a woman who must be 'umble and subservient?

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