Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Remember the dignity of your womanhood ...

Aww, fuck it. Here's that notorious pic of MP Shelly Glover.

MP Glover is a CONtempt Party Attack Parrot™© and she serves well in that capacity since she is too stoopid to do much else.

Today she stood up in Parliament and shrieeekkked that the NDP was "anti-Canada".

Savour the irony.

The full quote from the post title comes from Christabel Pankhurst:
Remember the dignity of your womanhood. Do not appeal do not beg do not grovel. Take courage join hands stand beside us fight with us.


Niles said...

Any particular reason? Or she was just filling in the CPC bingo card for talking points?

PS: DJ! really needs to do some bingo cards.

Anonymous said...

From, "Peter Julian [asked] about Moody’s warnings about cuts affecting our economic growth (Shelley Glover: You’re anti-Canada!)"

So the NDP's Peter Julian asked about what one of the Big Three credit rating agencies is saying about Canada. Then Glover panicked, I guess, since it doesn't look good.

fern hill said...

Um. What the hell is she doing in that photo?

Beijing York said...

Yes, I want to know. As for her hysterical statement, she has the depth of a pancake skillet.

Niles said...

It's the Shelley Glover version of kissing a baby (kissing a frog prince?) She's attending a Canadian version of the great "Jumping Frog" contest as written up long ago by Mark Twain and then brought into real life.

You're not allowed to touch your 'jumper' in the competition to make it jump and get some distance from the starting point, but you can try and motivate it otherwise. She's using a combined technique of thumping the floor, abruptly approaching the frog *and* blowing on it to get it to move, thinking it's in imminent danger of attack.

A technique it seems she brought wholecloth into Parliament.

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