Friday, 17 February 2012

Poor Vic, Victimized Again

Naughty vikileaks Wikipedia.

UPDATE: Rats, it's been changed to what it was before.
In 2008, Toews divorced from his wife of 30 years, Lorraine Kathleen Fehr, after it was discovered that he fathered a child with a younger woman who may have been his child's babysitter.

But that's not true either, is it?

UPDATIER: Eeek! We get a visit from @vikileaks!!!!


Pseudz said...

But part of everything you should tell Vic?

liberal supporter said...

If that computer is typical of those on Parliament Hill, (running WinNT and IE 8) I doubt that NONE of the thousands of machines have been compromised (rooted) and turned into proxies by terrorists, child pornographers, or horror of horrors, violators of Vic's right not to be offended.

Luna said...

A few things: 1) WinNT? REALLY? 2) Internet Explorer? How sad. 3) Which traffic software is that? 4) I honestly hope it is the NDP doing this (well, there are better scenarios, like 'his mistress'). Reason being, it'll prove to me that they have the spines to play as dirty as the Cons. You can't win a hot war with cold war tactics. It's not like I like dirty politics, but that's how the cons keep winning. And we can't let that shit happen. This is BEAUTIFUL. I want a vikileaks style feed for every last one of those bastards. In fact, I want one for EVERY MP of every party. Be good to know this shit. :)

Beijing York said...

I'm rather inclined to your thinking, Luna :-)

But so few have names that work out as cleverly as vikileaks. I guess kenileaks isn't too bad for Jason Kenney. I'd like to see an olileaks that exposes all the foreign pro-Gateway Pipeline funders.

But please, please - make sure you take a clue from Anonymous and don't use an IP address that traces back to the HoC.

the regina mom said...

The IP address story is a deflection by the Citizen, setting off a geekhunt and nothing more. Anyone on any one of the government's computers all over the planet could have done it. Excellent piece here

Anonymous said...

That WinNT is WinNT 6, or Windows Vista.

liberal supporter said...

Actually the browserid claims windows 6, or vista. Sitemeter must not have been updated to handle the version id.

But now it seems it is no more than someone with vpn access connecting by remote desktop to a machine inside parliament hill. So anyone supporting the systems there could be doing it. Or someone who remotes in so emails are sourced from parliament hill IPs which are whitelisted by various recipients.

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