Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Not a Dot, Just a Dash

In the 'you people have Harper Derangement Syndrome when you whine about seeing all those links between what his eponymous government does and the American Republican agendas' department, leave us never forget that this comedian is the same fellow as noted by the Harper Index and Desmogblog and Sourcewatch and this other place, called(coffcoff) Creekside.

I think the takeaway here is, Frank Luntz...

a/ is very aware of what he says in public and that what he said as a 'joke' has eliminationalist meaning, and that Mr. Frank was willing to go there.

b/ is very skilled at dogwhistling and damage control and continues to be welcomed to the podium to address Republican pols. Like, oh, state governors, so many of whom have been behaving...so vociferously and exclusionarily of late, bless their hearts.  I'm sure the similiarity in reasons and tactics for dealing with the Occupy movement all over North America is a coincidence.

 c/ has advice and influence still underpinning the Harper government six years after being famously linked to the Canadian Conservatives.

d/ has a dog in the Canadian fight via his corporate clientele, who aren't corporate citizens here.  Yet.

While nosing about, I found this piece and thought it amusing even the marketing fanbois were smelling Luntz in the air behind the Conservative 'rebranding' of the last year.

But it's all HDS you know, which is nothing like Bush Derangement Syndrome.  It's just independently evolved rebranding for 'are you gonna believe us or your lying eyes?'


Anonymous said...

At one time former Reformer Deb Gray said something like this: Stephen Harper hates hockey this before he was elected as leader of the party. Along comes, and I think it was Luntz, who adised Harper and company to win over Canadians select something they really can relate, i.e. hockey. Since then it is Harper and hockey all the time. When do we see that so called book he is writing, or is someone else writing this book. Just similar to Tim Horton's coffee. He isn't a Timmy customer...just all to appear to be something he isn't.

Beijing York said...

Does Deb Gray like Stephen Harper? I know she couldn't stand Stockwell Day.

I know that she is too immersed in the school of less government, more guns to really go after the Harper conservatives but wouldn't it be great if she published a tell all story that gave us a clear glimpse at how horrendous and dishonest this man is.

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