Saturday, 21 January 2012

SUZANNE - do you really want to go there?

Suzanne Fortin

Local fetus-lobbying, abortion-criminalizing Catholic zygote zealot @Roseblue aka Blob Blogging Wingnut SUZANNE FORTIN recently suggested her own project, based on this US initiative of a "hit-list" of abortion services providers.

Our blogging & tweeting colleagues Dr Dawg and Canadian Cynic responded.

Although the Vatican Taliban and Pope Maledict haven't honestly said so, most Church Fathers clearly believe all this nastiness about holding Rome and its powerful clergy accountable for their priests' abuse of children is inappropriate.

How will the Church be able to recruit and keep priests if not for the pedophile bait it once dangled in front of the right men?

Thus Catholics have been ordered to breed more and more, to satisfy dogmatic need to mold children, body & mind, and break their will so that they'll be blindly devout Catholic foot soldiers.

The organizations representing women and men who were physically and sexually violated as children by church clergy should start, as SUZANNE suggests, a registry of names and known addresses for pedophiles and abusers, as well as the names of the bishops, cardinals and other Church Fathers who facilitated their crimes and protected them from judicial prosecution.

That should end well, no?


JJ said...

Perfect response, deBeaux.

ck said...

Suzy is now promoting martyrdom, as you all know by now. She, of course, is exempt. Excuse? She's a mom. Don't wash though--I always had the feeling those fetuses she fights for are more sacred to her than her own living, breathing bonafide children (one of the main reasons fetus fetishists make my skin crawl). Nope, I think the better reason for her not wanting to get her hands dirty or 'be a martyr' is she is too damned comfy in her glass house and middle-class bourgeoisie.

deBeauxOs said...

CK, oh Blob Blogging Wingnut has got other things SHE uses to get sympathy from HER fellow fetus fetishists; for one thing doesn't SHE claim all HER children are autistic, it's the special personal cross Gawd has given HER to carry.

deBeauxOs said...

Contrast HER situation with Luna - feminist christian socialist - who doesn't self-pity herself or play the martyr for being mom to Snap, Crackle and Pop! - but talks pragmatically about the challenges of parenting three lively autistic kids.

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