Friday, 6 January 2012

#FetusLobby = #thick

Readers may have noticed that we here at DJ! have recently been promoting the use of the term Fetus Lobby®. We still like 'fetus fetishist', but Fetus Lobby® is succinct and evocative.

We have also been trying to get people on Twitter to use the hashtag #FetusLobby, and to be frank, we can't understand why it hasn't taken off more than it has.

On Twitter, I've been arguing with @WoodworthMP, one of the backbench stalking horses for reopening the so-called abortion debate.

This has been going on over several days. (I realize I should Storify it, but I don't have time to learn how at the moment and, besides, Storify just told me my browser is not supported.)

People familiar with Twitter will know that hashtags are used for several purposes: to help in a search, to join an existing discussion (like #cdnpoli), to declare your stance on a subject (#prochoice), to add an ironic comment, or just to be silly.

And hashtags can also be used to snark.

In his replies to me Woodworth MP has been copying the hashtags I used. Hashtags are NOT automatically copied when one replies, so he's doing it deliberately.

I tweeted thusly this ayem:
@fernhilldammit fern hill
This is fun! I'm arguing with @WoodworthMP and he's using my hashtag, #FetusLobby. #thick #prochoice #cdnpoli

That got retweeted a bit. Then Woodworth MP replied to it:
WoodworthMP Stephen Woodworth
@fernhilldammit I don't mind my views getting broad distribution.Do you? #FetusLobby #thick #prochoice #cdnpoli

I wonder how wide an audience he thinks #thick gets. But, hey, if wants to help in DJ!'s campaign to popularize #FetusLobby, that's A-OK with me.

Anyway, had to share, now back to the salt mines.


deBeauxOs said...

Another view is that Woodworth and his abortion criminalizing acolytes are indeed lobbying for the supremacy of fetus rights over pregnant women's rights and at this point, the Con Jobs have a *majority* so they can blatantly admit that they're fine with valueing women's worth as breeders.

fern hill said...

Yabbut, leaving #thick in?? They are also fine with admitting how dim-witted they are?

Well, hey again, that's A-OK with me too.

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