Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Liar-in-Chief & His Lying Liar Minions

Watch John Duncan lie about how long the Feds have known about the dire conditions at Attawapiskat here. (Added bonus: Charlie Angus arrives just in time to be blamed for keeping it all a big sekrit.)

Now read former Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl -- a CONtempt Party member!!!! -- tell the truth here.
The federal department responsible for First Nations has known about the worsening living conditions at Attawapiskat for years, says former Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl.

In an interview with CBC Radio's The House, Strahl tells host Evan Solomon the crisis at Attawapiskat "has been a slow moving train-wreck for a long time."

However, the current Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development John Duncan said this week that officials in his department were unaware of Attawapiskat's housing problems until Oct. 28, despite having visited the community several times in the past year.

But Strahl, who retired from politics earlier this year, paints a different picture.

"It was not good when I was there, and I don't think it's appreciably, or any better now. That was well known, everybody knew it was a very difficult community for a bunch of reasons."

Attawapiskat "was always a problem," said Strahl.

Well, hush my mouth. CONtrary to all appearances, CONtempt Party members can so tell the truth.

This should be the *official* portrait of the Liar-in-Chief.

Image source with background on this honorary chiefdom.


Beijing York said...

I was pleasantly surprised to hear Strahl on "The House". He must be relieved to be off the leash.

ck said...

Not the first time we hear Chuck Strahl talking against his party as of late. He also criticized their cheerleading on the asbestos not long ago as well. Me thinks that ol' Chuck Strahl ain't finished singing about his ol' party on any given subject neither. As Janis Joplin once sang, "Freedom is just another word for nothin' left to lose..."

Beijing York said...

He and Debra Grey always seemed a bit more independent in spirit than the rest of the Reform/Alliance/Crap autotoms. Inky Mark got in Harper's bad books right from the get go for defending farmers' choice in keeping the Wheat Board.

deBeauxOs said...

BY, remind me please who Inky Mark was, the current Contempt govt. appears to have obliterated his memory.

Dr.Dawg said...

Strahl was the problem, not Attawapiskat. He frequently slurred First Nations people, and refused the Attawapiskat kids a school. Let's not try to re-make that character as one of the good guys.

Beijing York said...

True enough, Dr. Dawg.

dBO, Inky Mark was first elected as a Reform Party candidate and was extremely active up to 2004. He supported the Wheat Board and was also for legalizing pot. Oh looky here, he's also making noise about the Human Rights Museum:

21 February 2011 - 21:19

"As the former Member of Parliament for Dauphin/SwanRiver/Marquette and the author of BillC-331, I cannot understand the position of the Board at the Canadian Human Rights Museum. The Board must make this musuem inclusive which means recognizing in an active way all the atrocities of mankind, not just the Holocaust. The Museum is call the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, it's not called the Canadian Holocaust Museum. The Board cannot risk alienating Canada's multicultural community. I hope the Board will in the end create a great museum dedicated to the people of the world."

Sent by Inky Mark, Dauphin, MB, Canada

Here is a record of his statements:

Some interesting ones:

"Mr. Speaker, hopefully the Arar case will not become a black mark in Canadian history. The way this man was treated goes against basic human rights. Canada's reputation is at stake. Canada is known around the world as the protector of human rights. Mr. Arar's family and friends..."

"Madam Speaker, I have the pleasure to stand in the House and raise the Maher Arar file. If this file is not cleaned up, it will certainly be a bleak mark on Canadian civil rights. Maher Arar is a Canadian citizen who was born in Syria in 1970. He came to Canada in 1987..."

Of course, he's a typical Reformatory social conservative on the issues of SSM and the Gun Registry.

Anonymous said...

All Harper wants to focus on is, his wars, jets, ships, armored vehicles, a nuclear sub and his asinine Stalags, and to hell with the people. He thieves every cent he can from his citizens, for his own selfish and foolish goals.

I thought Harper is a Reformer, and he founded the Northern Foundation Party. The skinheads had assisted Harper to organize his fascist party. This was in 1989.

Harper should be forced to resign. That beautiful baby girl that died, was because of negligence, of the F.N. health care. Harper knows damned well the F.N. People live in horrible poverty. Their young people committing suicide, because they can never have a better life. Their education is so poor, those kids can't go on to a higher education. If we know this, so does Harper and every damned one of his useless ministers. How asinine to point fingers at each other. Harper is P.M. and he is doing a shitty job at it.

I am totally disgusted with the "Harper Government". Harper is the worst P.M. in Canadian history. Canada has become a cesspool of corruption, because of Harper. He should not have even been allowed to run as P.M. His shady soiled past political record, should have been enough to scare everyone off.

Anonymous said...

Canada already has a bad reputation, because of Harper. At every multi-nation meetings, Harper manages to infuriate every country attending. At this last meeting Harper had the gall, to try and con every country he could, into accepting the dirty tar oil. He is so damned embarrassing, with his big mouth.

Harper is called a petty gasbag, arrogant, stubborn, impossible to work with, and co-operates with no-one. Harper is also known as a P.I.T.A.

He embarrassed us at the Copenhagen meeting. We were totally ashamed when, Harper sent scum like Gordon Campbell to England, as High Commissioner. Campbell has the worst, most corrupt and foul political record in this nations history.

Other country's media has said, how badly Harper has destroyed Democracy in Canada. Our country is longer known, as a protector of human rights. Canada is now known, to offend human rights.

ICC's Chief Prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Decampo, is already investigating Harper for war crimes and crimes against humanity. I hope they nail the s.o.b. Harper even prorogued Parliament twice within one year, so he could get away from admitting his part, in the torture of the detainee's.

Harper lost Canada's seat in the U.N. security council. Harper was refused his bid. No-one wants Harper around, they just plain don't like Harper's policies. Harper's arrogant dismissal of climate change, angers every country in the Koyoto. Harper is not wanted, and will be excluded from everything, and have no say, like we citizens don't.

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