Thursday, 1 December 2011

"I want MY justice!"

Just when you thought the Contempt Party couldn't be any more leg-humping contemptuous and arrogant, along comes Tony "Cashmere" Clement to crank it up a notch.
[...] the Treasury Board president is demanding an apology from the NDP, which levelled the accusation last week.

"Now they've been shown to be a bunch of liars and I want my justice," Clement said Tuesday, moments after being cleared by House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer.

Clement added that "a liar should apologize" and even hinted at legal action should New Democrat MP Charlie Angus refuse to apologize for initiating a "smear campaign full of lies."

The issue arose last week when the NDP noticed that the official transcript, known as Hansard, had been altered to delete Clement's response of "sure" when asked if he would publicly disclose all the applications from municipalities in his riding for a share of the $50-million G8 legacy fund. [...]

Clement told reporters his repeated use of the word "sure" is a verbal tick, a way of hesitating while he formulates his response to questions, much the same way other people use "you know" or "OK." He said he had no intention of agreeing to the NDP request to produce the application forms for funding.

Boulerice said Clement's continued refusal to produce the documents shows the NDP has nothing to learn from Clement "about telling the truth."
Methinks the knave doth protest too much and way too vigorously. The Politburo will be coming along shortly to check Tony's meds, as per Stevie's instructions, to avoid a messy melt-down.

Merci to our friend in car-wreck hilarity, canadian cynic.


fern hill said...

All Contempters are whiney babies when they get ANY opportunity. But then, aren't all bullies?

Anonymous said...

I am in agreement with Mr. Clement. I also believe he should receive justice. Let's start with the $50 million in Muskoka and the cover ups. If everything was above board, why go to the extent of hiding from the Auditor General using a personal yahoo email account?

Sadly it won't happen under this government, since Harper and Clement go way back. He probably knows where the bodies are buried.

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