Tuesday 29 November 2011

Stop the CBC smackdown.


People who are also *friends of public broadcasting* have decided to forsake the genteel approach of that venerable institution in favour of a campaign that challenges the rough bully tactics used by its attackers.

Here it is, replete with robust wit and admirable aplomb. And two testerically funny videos featuring the new private owner of the CBC, Lance Fury. Click!


By the way, compare and contrast the above website with this charming StunTV home page.

I listen to Radio-Canada while I work. During the 2008 federal election campaign, friends and supporters produced this delicious little spoof that perfectly captured the *cul serré* (clenched butt) style of the Cons.

The above has subtitles. Click on the cc button. The one below is the full version, en français.


Beijing York said...

The above culture en peril video was one of the best things ever produced.

And I love the new Friends of Public Broadcasting campaign. I used their wrestler name generator and I approve of The Chicken Lady moniker.

fern hill said...

Ooh, a name generator! I am The Radish Crusher! Fear me!

Beijing York said...

Heh heh, The Radish Crusher. I bet you have strong teeth, fern ;-)

ck said...


Canadian Cynic had left this link on Twitter yesterday, wondering and hoping if this petition could get more signatures than Stephen Taylor's "Opt out of the CBC" petition. This petition is demanding that Stevie Spiteful undergo a psychological exam.

deBeauxOs said...

ck's link to the petition.

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