Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I Come Not To Praise Tiller But To Bury Him

I'm definitely not sure what the slander/libel laws are in the US, but I can hope someone gets out a legal brickbat and wings it in the direction of Troy Newman of Operation Rescue in the US.

This upstanding defender of the pre-born has apparently boldly gone where many forced pregnancy cultists have gone before, down the 'free speech' route of Lyinggggg forrrrr Jesusssssusssussssss in his visit to an uncritical media platform. He appears to be attempting pre-emptive damage control before an HBO series airs on Dr. George Tiller, the physician brutally murdered by a Christian fundamentalist terrorist for medical dedication to providing women safe, legal, pregnancy termination services.

I also love this nerfball question from the 'interviewer'.

"Mefferd: When you talk about these clinics, and we’ve seen this so many times before, that these abortion clinics are just gross, they’re dirty, they’re poorly maintained, why do you think that is? I mean, they seem to have enough money coming in from abortions to be able to get some Clorox, why are they so gross?"

The rest of the piece is here, tagged by the iron-stomached site, Rightwing Watch.

These fetus exploiters are blase in their moral turpidity, false-witnessing their faces off and then fantasizing even more as their faces flop about on the floor. This is the 'free speech' their Canadian fellow travellers long to have, the ability to completely and deliberately misrepresent reality to the public forum, smug in their certainty they have power and influence enough to avoid repercussion.

And Brutroyus is an honorable man, here to defend the pre-Caesarean against the ravages of ambitious selfish women preternaturally lusting for the Imperial feminist purple.

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