Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tripling Down on Women's Rights

The US Congress seems to be having a competition over who can come up with the most outrageous anti-choice legislation.

Most recently, there is the Let Women Die Bill.

And now there's the You Can't Talk About That Here Amendment.

Seriously, radical misogynist TeaBagger Jim DeMint has just come up with a doozy.
Anti-choice Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) just filed an anti-choice amendment to a bill related to agriculture, transportation, housing, and other programs. The DeMint amendment could bar discussion of abortion over the Internet and through videoconferencing, even if a woman’s health is at risk and if this kind of communication with her doctor is her best option to receive care.

Under this amendment, women would need a separate, segregated Internet just for talking about abortion care with their doctors.

Spiteful, misogynist, hoop-hopping and, for extra bonus points, sneaky.

Amanda Marcotte has a great post at RH Reality Check on the War on Women today. Here's a sample (emphasis mine):
Both the activist and political behavior of anti-choicers lately has made one thing excruciatingly clear: shame is the name of the their game. The vague principle of “life” has always been a farcical cover story for anti-choice sentiment, of course, and much of this website lately has been dedicated to drawing a line between recent anti-choice antics and how little relationship they have to this cover story about “life”. If anything, however, the response to being so exposed hasn’t caused anti-choicers to retreat and look for new ways to convince people that they aren’t the anti-sex misogynist obsessives that they are. They’ve just been doubling down lately, as two recent news stories show.

The two stories are the Let Women Die Bill and the outing of an anonymous abortion doctor by Troy Newman and Operation Scumsuckers. Effectively targetting her as they did Dr. Tiller.

Amanda should have waited a few hours. Make that TRIPLING down on women's rights.


Alison said...

Rick Santorum Pledges To Defund Contraception: ‘It’s Not Okay, It’s A License To Do Things’


fern hill said...

So 'pro-life', isn't it? Contraception prevents 2 million unwanted pregnancies a year. So, if Frothy gets his way, there could be 2 million more abortions.

Marcotte certainly nails it with 'anti-sex misogynist obsessives', doesn't she?

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