Saturday, 1 October 2011

In Your Face!

Under assault from Operation Scumbag, Whole Women's Health, a women's clinic in Austin, Texas, is fighting back.

According to this blogger, that banner is the work of artist and activist Heather Ault. Visit her webpage, some good stuff there.


Luna said...

The fetus fetish lobby is doing the 40 days of harrassment in Victoria too.

I'm trying to decide how to fight back. Ideas welcome.

fern hill said...

@Luna, in the UK, someone has launched 40 Days of Treats taking treats to clinic workers and escorts then tweeting, taking photos, blogging etc.

freewomansholyinheritance said...

Yes, I'd heard about that. And I didn't know Heather Ault had made that sign. Thanks for letting me know! She's a FB friend! AWEsome.

Luna said...

I like that idea! I was thinking of walking through them with my kids and praying at them, but I like your idea better. :)

J. A. Baker said...

Sadly, although I live in Austin, TX and have an abortion clinic within 5 miles of my apartment that's getting harassed by fetus fetishists right now, it's not this one.

And I have a funny story in that vein. During the previous 40 Days of Fetus Fetishism last spring, the protest zone in front of the clinic that's near me was totally empty about 95% of the time. Yes, the local zygote zealots were either totally disorganized, or couldn't be bothered to include that clinic in their list of targets. :-)

fern hill said...

@JAB: Have you heard of this UK initiative? US style vigils have come to Britain and they don't like it. Are responding in true Brit style with cakes. Wander over to your local clinic and hand over Reese's Pieces or something.

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