Saturday, 22 October 2011

'Farcically Ill-Equipped'

'Farcical' is right.

Stephen Maher in The Vancouver Sun yet takes Tony Slush apart. Title: 'Up Muskoka River without a paddle'.
So Clement's defence is that the mayors made the recommendations, which they didn't, and that Baird made the decision, which he didn't.

We need to know why there was no paperwork for the auditor general, because we are up Muskoka River without a paddle if politicians are able to hide their files from the auditor general, the only official with the power to pierce the veil of secrecy in Ottawa.

Clement's explanations are gibberish, and he does not appear to have the judgment necessary for his current job as president of Treasury Board, the minister in charge of enforcing spending rules.

Whether it's gazebos, the long-form census or the InSite file, Cashmere Tony is an embarrassment.

To everyone but PM SHithead himself, of course.
Prime ministers need loyal servants, so even though Clement's G8 shenanigans show that he is farcically ill-equipped to carry out his job, Harper is unlikely to move him or to force him to fully account for the rule-breaking porkfest in Muskoka.

But good on the MSM for staying on this.

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Anonymous said...

Please don't call Harper a sh*t head: first that's offensive to sh*t heads, second sh*t heads are clueless - Harper knows exactly what he's doing. You won't recognize Canada when he's done with it! He's already replaced the 'Government of Canada' with a 'Harper Government'. Now he's working on stacking the SCC with the approriate persons to aid his attack on the charter and constitutional clauses he doesn't like. Meanwhile, he continues to shift the tax base away from corporations and the wealthy onto the backs of ordinary Canadians while setting historical highs in deficit spending. Who pays for gazebos - minimum wage workers. Who pays for Pete McKay's extravagant expense account (it's so hard to figure out)?

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