Monday, 31 October 2011

*Cashmere Tony* - Trick or Treat?

Gawd knows we try to stay on top of Cashmere Tony's various dodges and Con jobs.

It seems the NDP has just uncovered another discrepancy in his Ministry, a possible misappropriation of funds.
Official Opposition critic for the Treasury Board, Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont--La Petite-Patrie), wrote today to the President of the Treasury Board Tony Clement to ask him to explain the latest example of flawed accounting practices in his department and the possible misappropriation of funds.

New Democrats are asking Clement to explain the error involving the apparent mismanagement of hundreds of millions of dollars by Industry Canada and to take steps to review the estimates for other problems as well as implement a review of internal accounting procedures.

Just business as usual for PMSHithead's Contempt government; whatever happened to transparence and accountability?

It should be entertaining to uncover which of the ReformaTory pigs at the trough were the beneficiaries of Tony's prestidigitational largesse.

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