Friday, 16 September 2011

It's the Contempt Culture!

Pigs at the trough

Also known as a sense of entitlement, and it's brought to you by Harper's government of Cons.
Since 2008, Canada's top military commander has used government VIP aircraft to fly to sporting events, galas and a Caribbean holiday, racking up a bill of more than $1-million, CTV News is reporting.

Passenger logs requested by the broadcaster through the Access to Information Act provide details of several flights taken by General Walter Natynczyk, the Chief of the Defence Staff. [...]

In total, $732,366.50 went towards flights to attend hockey and football games in various cities across the country.
From here.

That is what SHithead's CONTEMPT government fosters: no accountability and no decency. The line-up at the feeding troughs starts on the right.

No wonder the Cons are slashing Environment Canada's budget. *Interesting* priorities.

Get used to it. With the Cons and their Lying Liars at the helm of this country it's going to get worse.


Anonymous said...

I post as anonymous becasue I don't know how to do anything else not becasue I want to hide.

Considering the ethical and democratic deficit in this country I think we should be calling for Stephen Harper's resignation since cultural attitudes start at the top. He sits back as though completely detached from it all but he is the one condoning it.

deBeauxOs said...

Some of our regular readers - such as k'in - occasionally encounter this problem with Blogger.

So just add your screen or real name at the end of your comment, so we know it's you.


Niles said...

Why do you hate our troops commander having a good time at military weapons conventions and entertaining the fine salesmen and CEOs behind the F-35?? It's vital to the war effort!

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