Sunday 18 September 2011

A Fanfic Too Far

Once upon a time, someone in popular North American culture land decided making junior versions of grownup fantasy characters would be a selling point and others said Hell, YEAH! This begat Muppet Babies and X-Babies. To be fair, they weren't really infants, but juvenile versions running around. (The Teen Titans anime-style cartoon falls into this category as well.)

While it is difficult to ever criticize the Muppets (I admit to bias since I was around for the first showing of The Frog Prince and was a fan forever after) , the case of X-Babies, (the X-men of Marvel) amounted to torturing readers and making them pay for the privilege, because the altverse was done by Marvel itself. (well, there was an earlier generation in storylines where Magneto was regressed into a baby and that wasn't so awful but it was an attempt to reform him, and over at DC, there was an episode of the animated Justice League that was handled well in the way a regressed Batman proved...err..I digress)

One should never think the bottom of that particular glurge barrel has finally been reached however. I offer for your viewing entertainment, Marvel Preborn.

I don't know if that's the official title of the real life sculpture show, but hey ho. At least this is unpaid fan interpretation - so far. I can't decide if this is a French homage to "we were born this way" or a fanboy appeal version of "save the preborn from abortion so they can save us". I'm sure there's an artist's justification out there somewhere, but it's a French gallery show so I haven't been able to dig deeper.

What with the toddlers'n'tiaras costume foofara of late, I have to wonder where this might fit into the psychology of things.

h/t IO9

*edited to fix dyslexic blather

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