Tuesday, 9 August 2011

To know him is to . . . laugh at him

If you're not on Twitter you may have missed this bit of fun. Someone posted a machine translation of an incident involving PMShithead and the president of Brazil.

And a bathroom.
Canadian Prime Minister goes to the bathroom and back with only requirement met

The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, has caused constraints in Brazilian diplomacy on Monday, demanding a change in the ceremony and only go to the salon for lunch with the President after Rousseff met.

The speeches and toasts are common in this type of event can be both before and after lunch. Dilma prefers it that later, but Harper made sure they were done before the guests start eating at the meeting yesterday.

He had already angered aides and diplomats at the presidential palace, telling reporters that Canadians speak there, breaking the rule that such interviews always occur in the Foreign Ministry.

As the Brazilian side denied the request, Harper has reached the Foreign Ministry, for lunch, showing bad temper and demanding the reversal of the freebies. Then locked himself in a private Minister Antonio Patriota, while waiting for an answer.

Stunned, Brazilian diplomats did not know what to do if you meet a desire of the Brazilian President or surrendered to the whim of the Canadian visitors.

Only when we have confirmed that he would be met is that Harper went to Brasilia room where the banquet took place, with palm heart salad, guinea hen and "pineapple delight". Toasts are made with wines.

A less amusing but not substantially different translation is provided here.

Yes. Our PM actually had a snit and locked himself in a bathroom. While on a state visit.

So, the officials were obviously pissed, but what did the 73 commenters on the story have to say?

Here at DJ! we live to serve, so we ran some likely looking comments -- for example, with 'infantilidade' in them (which means about what you'd expect) -- through the translator.

Here's a sampling:
But that arrogant foreigner, desinteligente. In the other house elegance recommends that one should submit to the host. Come so far to shame here, the hope is to forget the path that does not return soon. And if you do, it is with a position of ruler of the 1st world. You know that song poor, the Naiara Azevedo; ecomendar it would be for her a song response to this bumbler.

I DO NOT KNOW WHY THIS Greasy satisfy the request, should have given the toilet DISCHARGE AND HAVE LET HIM DOWN TO THE PLACE.

Here in Brazil things are kids do not want to take medicine when they lock themselves in the bathroom.

He left the bathroom after it was taken care of? But what is it? The illustration of the Brazilian populace to know: This is cag ... ing and walking to Brazil, literally ahahhahahahahahah

Should it be with diarrhea and invented this excuse to relieve themselves.

Someone in government had to have taken a more energetic attitude in this case. Should take the pink bunny doll, and put him jolhos in maize.

But just what was missing was this ... Our president has even muitaaaa patience, I would put to wash dishes. Now let the fresh man!

The next one is gonna leave, er, a mark.
Hahaha ... It is not the first time that this guy runs to the bathroom in meeting offices. In April 2009 he appeared in a photo go because G20 was in the bathroom. This news came on the BBC and The Telegraph ...

The next commenter has taken the measure of the man.
Lets get this straight: the visitor arrives at the host and gently before being subjected to the customs of the recipient well, require its rules in the most awkward possible. Therefore, these facts lead me to suppose that the Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Stephen Harper, besides acting as a spoiled brat, is a tremendous rude, arrogant, rude and their attitude, therefore, should shame the great people of Canada. Would have done a favor if you had not come. Get out of here.

As does this one:

And some good advice for presidential hosts and parents everywhere:
They should have left him there and followed with other affairs of state.

And now, my fave.
Spoiled ... fresh in the Portuguese right. I know not, but the world is in the hands of people at this level. Or is this a nerd or the arrogance of Obama. Now, let's see, what did we come to Canada? Salmon, tuna, train ... my! In fact, he is the face of MAD, remember?

This is how our PMShithead appears to Brazilians.

Gratifying, isn't it?

ADDED: The MSM is on it!

ADDED: More MSM. Everybody loves a bathroom story.

ADDED: Even the Washington Post loves a bathroom story!

UPDATE: At last look (couple of hours ago), there were more than 330 comments at the original Portuguese story. When time allows, I'll run some more through the translating machine.


Kev said...

Wow the awesome power of social media. First you break the Hudak abortion pledge, Then this morning a Brazilian contact (Zeza Estrela
@zezaestrela )that Min Reyes @min_reyes wisely cultivated prior to Harper's South American trip asked her if she had heard about this story and the rest as they say is history

Toe said...

LMFAO! What truly boggles is Harpo toasting anyone who was an X Marxist Guerilla.....
Thanks Fern.

the regina mom said...

A couple of us have been talking and thinking we should send squares of TP to the PM with something written on it. My first thought was the name of a good internal doctor to fix whatever is wrong with his shitter. But perhaps something more political would be better. What say DAMMIT JANET! folk?

Alison said...

Regina Mom : How about a little square of tp with "World stage" written on it?

I see Steve's Canadian potty incident has made Forbes.

Niles said...

For something that didn't happen, it's sad that disreputable Leftist rags like Forbes are willing to link to it and Brazil is so willing to disrespect Canada on the verge of great economic sistahood.


Nadine Lumley said...

Repost from Chris Hedges: Harper is a poster child for corporate malfeasance and corporate power, just sort of dismantling everything that’s good about Canada.

So he’s the kind of species that rises to political power and is utterly subservient to corporate interests at the expense of the citizenry.

Yeah, he’s a pretty venal figure.


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