Saturday 13 August 2011

PKP's nefarious motive finally revealed.

Never underestimate the byzantine machinations of a Media Overlord, even a lesser one in the firmament of Media Maggots Magnates.

Though Pierre-Karl Péladeau may suck on the corporate welfare teat, he has devised a way to demonstrate to the world how MASSIVELY stupid, trashy and malevolent Ezra Levant and other assorted right-wing midiot™ nutjobs from Rest of Canada really are and how easy it was to corral them and put them on display.

He is after all his father's son, a man who supported the views of Adrien Arcand.

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Beijing York said...

What hypocrites!

As for Star Academie, I believe the Canada Media Fund shared the same production restrictions as the Federal Tax Credit program where "reality television" was an ineligible genre for funding. I don't know if that has changed but that was certainly the case when these programs started up. News, live sports and talk shows also fell off-side for funding. The programs were designed to encourage the production of documentary, drama and children's programming.

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