Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Pick your bus analogy

Bus, being thrown under. . . or Bus, wheels falling off of.

Hudork is having a rough couple days here.

Yesterday, the Liberal Party released this observation.
TORONTO, Aug. 30, 2011 /CNW/ - Following a month that saw Tim Hudak stumble on his sneaky plan to raise property taxes, fumble on his previous commitment to defund abortion and flip flop again on the HST, the PC campaign team has quietly dropped all of the scenes involving Hudak from their television advertising.

Gone from their advertising are pictures of Hudak meeting voters and posing with his family. Also cut from the ad is Tim Hudak's appearance at the end promoting his reckless campaign promises.

Leaving Hudak on the cutting room floor was not done to make the ad shorter or add new attacks. The PCs simply cut the scenes involving Hudak and slowed the rest of the commercial to fill the time.

The fact Tim Hudak would rather perform juvenile stunts than tackle the provinces most pressing issues, together with the fact his platform has a $14 billion hole and is built on poorly disguised Harris-type wedge issues is simply icing on the cake for most voters who are increasingly saying Tim Hudak just isn't worth the risk.

Also yesterday, this story came out.
The ouster of MPP Norm Sterling by the Progressive Conservative Party in Carleton-Mississippi Mills was disgraceful, said former Ontario premier Ernie Eves.

“I don't care who hears this," said Eves. "The treatment that Norm got from his own party was not very polite, was not fair, it was not loyal, it was not compassionate, it was not even and it was not honest,” he said during an appreciation dinner for Sterling at the Canadian Golf and Country Club on Aug. 25.

And today, given a chance to walk it back, Ernie strikes again.
On Wednesday, Eves repeated his critique, saying his tribute dinner remarks were “directed at those few individuals who decided that the Tea Party version of Ontario politics would be good in that particular riding.”

“And I don’t happen to agree with that, quite frankly,” he told a talk radio show in the provincial capital. “I don’t think it was fair and I don’t think it was loyal and I don’t think it was compassionate and I don’t think it’s honest.”

Also, today a poll showing Hudork's double-digit lead of not long ago is in free fall.

Yikes! That's gotta hurt!


Niles said...

So, they believe 'hiding' Hudak, the leader of the party, as if he doesn't exist, will somehow improve their fortunes?

Does this mean a potential leader of the largest 'ROC' province will not be allowed to speak in public to let voters know what he's going to do? Because somehow, magically, the leader of the party that might win, is now no longer important to the election?

Teaparty version of the PC party in Ontario is dead on.

Anonymous said...

This is Canada's future. Instead of 5 questions a day, it's 0 questions a day. Instead of being seen behind a tall fence, it's not being seen at all. But if you're a paid lobbyist rather than one of the 'chattering' class, you just need a little wining & dining to have the attentive ear of government.

Beijing York said...

Speaking of not being seen at all, this was somewhat amusing:

A videotaped message from PC leader Tim Hudak was not shown at the dinner because of technical difficulties.

A little bird told me that a recent Hudak fundraiser in the national capital region barely had 25 people in attendance.

k'in said...

Further to the Norm Sterling event...that was quite a collection of Conservatives gathered together giving Tea Party Tim the figurative finger....Mike Harris, Ernie Eves, Bernard Lord, John Baird....

Even the party faithful don't want Hudork cooties.

fern hill said...

@k'in: Warren K has the vid.

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