Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Meanwhile, back in the US ...

religious rightwing nutjobs make these demands:

To Obama & all the immoral, ungodly heathen progressive Demoncrats.

To the Party That Says Stay Out of Our Womb*

We say stay out of our pants.
Stay out of our homes.
Stay out of our cars.
Stay out of our refrigerators.
Stay out of our medicine cabinets.
Stay out of our TV's and radio's.
Stay out of our Church's.
Stay out of our kids schools.
Stay out of our Military.
Stay out of our doctor's office.
Stay out of our bank account.

It appears this group's name is "God Bless America 1776" and all the spelling and grammatical errors are their own. This blog pops up when those terms are googled.

Is it Boston? One interesting observation: the crowd control cops wear helmets tagged with what appears to be their badge numbers, in the photos posted here.

*womb, not the evul uterus word. I'm surprised it didn't say "our baby-making lady part".


Anonymous said...

You know, if they hadn't prefixed their statement with "ungodly heathen progressive Demoncrats.' I wouldn't be certain about which party they were referring to. The line about the military might have given it away, but only because the Republicans have been playing up the 'warmonger' image since Bush.

Really, politicians from both parties interfere with all the items on that list, if usually in different ways.

Niles said...

Ah, the smell of frothing authoritarian libertarian follower incoherence (sung to the tune of "we will all galt down together") in the morning.

I bid them good speed in joining "Seamalia" (courtesy Roy Edroso commentors) and show us how 'libertarian for me, not thee' is the utopian savior of Things That Matter To Boys Too Big For Treehouses.


fern hill said...

Sure sign of illiteracy: grocer's apostrophe. Tea Baggers for sure.

Niles said...

I think Hudak should adopt the message, in all its original non-eliteratist glory, to push his "30percenter" reductions in provincial regulations.

Sounds like his demographic.

J. A. Baker said...

Stay out of our Military.


Git yer gubmint hands off mah Medicare!

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