Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Enriching the gene pool and other freaky fetus fetishist antics

I keep thinking: 'OK. Have we had enough crazy yet? Are we done?'

But no. There's no end to the insane, hateful, murderous crap happening around the world.

Then I saw this story from San Francisco. Progressives there are pushing back against the lying liars who run fake clinics.
Supervisor Malia Cohen and City Attorney Dennis Herrera today announced a joint effort to combat what they view as deceptive marketing at crisis pregnancy centers - and were peppered with questions from pro-life activists who attended the press conference."

San Francisco is the latest city to take up NARAL's strategy to regulate the liars at the municipal level. The good guys have been successful in a few places, only to suffer set-backs in the courts on the basis of freedom of lies speech. In New York, city officials are appealing such a ruling.

What caught my eye in that story was this:
Several pro-life activists in the audience pressed Herrera on the subject, including Audrey Richter of Oakland who held her 2-year-old son, Exodus, in her arms.

Really? Exodus? Does he have an older sibling named Genesis? Is she pregnant with Leviticus?

That reminded me that I'd collected some recent linkies demonstrating the general all-round crazy and/or creepiness of fetus fetishists.

Remember the MASSIVE FAIL in Ohio when a fetus was going to 'testify' by means of live ultrasound? Except, the testimony was pretty much undetectable.

Recently, nutbars in Florida went that stunt one better. Convicted stalker Flip Benham came up with this one during a week-long anti-abortion campaign in Orlando.
Flip Benham and a group of anti-abortion activists are staging an Orlando “memorial” this morning at which an “aborted baby girl” will answer questions.

I couldn't find out how that went. No clinics were shut down during the campaign, however.

The Personhood (aka Humpty-Dumpty) Initiative folks are also getting creative. In Mississippi, they're getting the 'Conceived in Rape' tour on the road.

A woman named Rebecca Kiessling makes a living playing victim by broadcasting her mother's rape.

The very existence of a scumbucket like Becky is a very strong argument NOT to force women to carry their rapist's sperm to term. Sure, enrich the gene pool with lotsa rapist DNA. That should go well.


'Leviticus' reminded me of this. Best smack-down ever.

Ah, Josiah Bartlet, the best president the US never had.


Niles said...

The icon of a potential baby is always better than the real, live, human animal out of the chute. Pure, silent, pious, martyred, without fault, not born to the 'wrong kind'.

All messages of the baby cult leaders can be presented as coming FROM the potential child itself. Handy that, like most preachers channeling their god or 5,000 year old Atlantean.

Odd, how the baby cult always seems to benefit adult men in governmental power. So very odd. Of course, some of them like to wear diapers and be infantilized. Maybe there's something to that.

Cliff said...

I've always wished we lived in the world where Josiah Bartlett the best President the US never had existed at the same time Harry Perkins was being the best Prime Minister the UK never had.

fern hill said...

Thanks for that link, Cliff. I'd heard of the novel and series -- might have even seen a bit. The DVD comes out this September. Hmmm, timing significant?

Cliff said...

Actually I already have a DVD of it so this may just be a new pressing - see if you can order it because its probably the most compelling piece of TV political drama I've ever seen.

deBeauxOs said...

An excellent dramatic series that is still relevant would be "The Politician's Wife", given that we're in thrall to a Con government like the UK was back then - to Thatcher.

The political issues and structures are similar to our own in Canada, too.

Beijing York said...

I remember "The Politician's Wife" from years ago. Excellent series. I'll have to check out that Harry Perkins TV series at some point.

Meanwhile, the proposed "ultrasound" testimony still cracks me up.

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