Tuesday, 28 June 2011

You Knew This Was Coming

The US has rather mild warnings on its cigarette packs. That's about to change. They're going to get the graphic warnings we've had in Canada for years.

(Joke: 'I smoke. I used to have a brand. Now I just say, 'Anything but the teeth'.)

Never a gang to miss a stupid stunt PR opportunity, fetish fetishists want such graphic warnings on abortions.
“As much as I support the decision by the FDA to hold smokers accountable for the health risks they’re accepting, I can’t help but wonder where the warning labels on abortion are,” writes SFLA [Students for Life of America] Executive Director Kristan Hawkins in a June 23 blog post. “Abortion is the single worst scar on the social justice movement in America. No one is debating that smoking has terrible consequences, but the extermination of innocent children is a crime of much more concern, and one I refuse to stand for.”

They're a tad uncertain though, where a doo-hickey like this might be displayed.

As to where such a graphic warning label would be placed, Hawkins suggests abortion facilities, abortion-causing drugs.

And, of course, it raises the burning question of 'what does abortion when not pregnant do?'

Because, as fetish fetishists never tire of saying: Women are too fucking stoopid to understand what they're doing.

As JJ once famously said at her place (too lazy to look for link): 'Who knew? I thought I was going in for a Brazilian wax.'


Kelseigh said...

I've had friends who worked in convenience stores (Green Gables!), and usually they save the "teeth" for rude customers.

Willy said...

My favorite was the bent impotent cigarette label, that was quickly followed by the bolt upright you are sharing this smoke cigarette label. Depending on my mood, I usually ask for one of those.

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