Monday, 27 June 2011

Classy Cops vs Toronto's Lying Thugs

Big surprise! The Flop and Flail doesn't think Chief Bill Blair should resign over the gigantic cock-up -- with associated lies, coverup, and bullshit -- that was the G20 in Toronto.

Back in February and March, Madison, Wisconsin, was the site of huge, angry protests. Here's a statement from the police department on February 19 (bold mine).
On behalf of all the law enforcement agencies that helped keep the peace on the Capitol Square Saturday, a very sincere thank you to all of those who showed up to exercise their First Amendment rights. You conducted yourselves with great decorum and civility, and if the eyes of the nation were upon Wisconsin, then you have shown how democracy can flourish even amongst those who passionately disagree. As of 5:00 p.m., no major incidents had been reported. There have been no arrests. However, discourse and discussion was - at times - loud and heated. That was to be expected. As previously indicated, the goal of law enforcement has been to provide a safe environment for democracy to take place. That goal has been realized for yet another day.

As I said at the time:
If that statement were a brick, I'd throw it through Toronto Chief Bill Blair's window.

What a classy, professional police service the people of Madison have.

Why do Torontonians have to put up with a bunch of liars and thugs?

Blair must resign.

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WILLY said...

For some reason after 911 I started buying coffee for the cops I'd see at Starbucks every now & then. I'd do it anonymously, just tell the kids I knew at the bar to give them a refill of whatever they were drinking. I was never a big law & order guy, but somehow it was something I did, probably off and on for 5 years. I mean it wasn't as if these guys were in the towers, but somehow it made me feel good.

Then Sunday at the G20 happened and to this day I now silently curse the same arrogant assholes who sit there drinking their Americanos at the end of their shift.

That is Blair's legacy.

ck said...

I'm not surprised. Many Gazette columnists don't think the four cops involved in the Mario Hamel/Patrick Limoges shooting recently should be forced to resign neither. In case you're not up to speed on those two incidents: here are my posts on the shootings:

But yeah, lots about Canadians is disturbing me these days. How they support the cops actions in the G20, the anti-union sentiment, the unquestioned and blind support for Stevie because all that matters is they're not going to the polls anytime soon and that the trains will run on time (or will they??).

fern hill said...

ck's link.

Anonymous said...

Well Done Wisconsin!

A google search of Toronto police + charter human rights freedoms returns no results.

The Brockville Police however do have a statement on this matter:

Statement of Principles

The Brockville Police Services Board is committed to the principle that people are our most important resource.

Accordingly, this Police Service affirms and supports its intention for and adherence to:

* the principles of equity and fairness embodied in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Ontario Human Rights Code, and the Police Services Act.
* the principles of community service and community policing embodied in the Police Services Act.
* the principle of honest communication internally within the Police Service, as well as with our community.
* the principle of sensitivity and compassion for victims of crime.
* the principle of continuous improvement and education of members of the Police Service.

The RCMP, blamed by the Toronto Sun for the G20 debacle, has this statement:
Duties of Police - What duties do police have during demonstrations?

Police officers have a sworn duty to preserve the peace, prevent offences, enforce the law, protect property, preserve life and protect against serious injury, among other duties.

These duties have their basis in common law and statutes, including the Provincial Traffic Act and the Criminal Code of Canada.

The RCMP remain committed to ensuring that Charter guaranteed rights and freedoms are upheld, while ensuring that police officers carry out their sworn duties..."

They may not have done so, but there is a clear statement about the supremacy of the charter by which the RCMP officers can be judged.

The Toronto cops, continue to look like a bunch of fascist thugs.


Orwell's Bastard said...

I can't argue with ck's sentiments. It's immensely discomforting to see the level of apathy and disengagement among Canadians. So many of them don't want to think about the obligations of citizenship or civic engagement -- they just want to go home, be left alone, watch their big-screen TVs, go to the mall, and not have to deal with hectoring from sanctimonious wankers like me. Beyond that, they don't know and don't care.

I just don't know what the fuck to do about it.

k'in said...

As weak & sad as it is --- important to remember that when Blair was named Chief how the MSM fell all over themselves touting Blair as

a) actually living in the 416 area code - wow! - a Chief that chooses to live among the riff-raff that pays his salary

b) NOT Fantino

Niles said...

Being cynical, I must point out the Wisconsin police were dealing with a situation where unions were being busted. They're a union. They and the firefighter union were showing solidarity because they know they can be put on the busting block. As essential services, their abilities to strike are more limited than other unions. I see the comments as laudable, but also aware their own keisters are not invulnerable if they don't back the other unions. It's the old, 'who will be left to speak up for me?'.

Canadian police? I dunno. Either they're no more corrupt than they ever were, but the stories are now getting out over the internet thanks to new social media and comm peripherals, or... they've found a very friendly government era willing to overlook bonebreaking when it's done to already marginalized and minority persons, and fits with a Lawnorder ideology.

I actually believe it's option 1. There's always been a blue wall and compliant media, especially for minority communities, the young and the poor. I remember reading the articles on the G20 and the leadership of the FirstNations activist thrown into the holding warehouse, as he informed the others with him 'welcome to my world'.

But it's interesting; depending on your pov, a union is good or bad. The police in Wisconsin recognized others outside their own. The police in Canada seem to be clinging to the shield of theirs, insisting 'right or wrong' protection is no more than their due.

I wonder if they roughed up members of other unions in the G20 protests. If yes, do those people have any urge to stand with the police should the law enforcement unions need solidarity?

fern hill said...

@ck and OB: Yeah. I don't know what the fuck to do about it either. Except kvetch.

fern hill said...

@k'in: Yes, those two things and mainly #2. Fantino was and is a fascist.

But Blair did have some cred on 'community policing', which I think Fantino called 'flipping hamburgers' or something equally dismissive.

Power obviously went to what passes for his head.

fern hill said...

@Niles: Yes, union brothers and all that, even though Scott Wanker deliberately left cops and firefighters out of this legislation.

But there's more to it than that. Another buncha cops also had jurisdiction -- over the lege building itself? County sheriff I think pulled his people off the doors when they were told by Wanker to keep citizens out. He said something like: 'I don't want my people serving as Republican Guards'.

I think cops and firefighters, as well as ordinary people, were totally offended by the high-handedness, not to say illegality of the whole schmozzle.

Anonymous said...

Two of my uncles were OPP & I always held them in high regard. I had been known to use the phrase "Toronto Cops Are Tops".Over the past ten years that is all gone. Cops are thugs. Psychologically affected goons, nothing more. I now smile at the headlines.. what we need is another "Mr Plow" to get rid of a few more of these pricks.

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