Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A tiny chink in the armour of the World Order?

It's not much, but hopefully along with the DSK case, it's a good start.

Another entitled, jet-setting purported sexual predator has been detained by the NYC police, allegedly for sexually abusing a female employee at an expensive and exclusive hotel.
A businessman and former chairman of a major Egyptian bank faces charges of sexually abusing a maid at a luxury Manhattan hotel, just weeks after the arrest of a former International Monetary Fund chief on similar allegations.

Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar was arrested on Monday and is accused of sexually abusing the maid at The Pierre, a luxurious hotel near Central Park and Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side, police said.

The maid was called to Omar's room Sunday night to drop off tissues, police said. But once inside the 74-year-old's room, police said Omar would not let her leave and touched her inappropriately. The encounter was not reported until Monday, police said.

Paul Browne, a spokesman for the New York City Police Department, said detectives found the complainant to be credible.
Could this event as well as *L'affaire DSK* be another manifestation of the rise and resurgence of le contre-pouvoir? From here:
In the 1990s, it took a lot of effort for the French justice system to develop the required tools that allowed it to investigate major financial crimes, hiding behind the illegal financing of political activities, as well as corruption in elected officials and the fraudulous accounts of important organizations.

But in the last decade, political power backed by economic power, has killed the emancipatory desire for justice that set out to recalibrate the balance of power in the Republic, democracy and the *elites*.

That elitist World Order is the one that Dubya's shadowy manipulators have established, and which sycophants like Contempt Party leader SHitehead continue to support. The new oligarchy, to which Stevie Spiteful aspires, has become the same-old aristocracy.

This piece illustrates well the multiple sins of DSK.
Let’s consider how the housekeeper from Guinea ended up here in New York. In 2002, this single mother was granted asylum. What drove her here?

It began with the IMF rape of Guinea.

In 2002, the International Monetary Fund cut off capital inflows to this West African nation. Without the blessing of the International Monetary Fund, Guinea, which has up to half the world’s raw material for aluminum, plus oil, uranium, diamonds and gold, could not borrow a dime to develop these resources.

The IMF’s cut-off was, in effect, a foreclosure, and the nation choked and starved while sitting on its astonishing mineral wealth. As in the sub-prime mortgage foreclosures we see today, the IMF moved quickly to seize Guinea’s property.

But the IMF did not seize this nation’s riches for itself. Rather, it forced Guinea to sell off its resources to foreign corporations at prices much like the sale of furniture on the lawn of a foreclosed house.
No wonder the IMF, Koch Industries and China are doing their best to dismantle and outlaw unions, the last recourse of the disenfranchised and the contre-pouvoir.

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