Friday, 20 May 2011

Spanish Revolution Update

Protest is growing in La Puerta del Sol in Madrid despite being told by an electoral commission that such activities are banned on the eve of an election.

There is an election looming between two main parties. The mainly young, mainly unemployed people don't care for either of them.

Does this sound familiar?
There is much talk on the plaza of electoral reform - to prevent power simply switching back and forth between two parties. Many also demand a ban on all candidates implicated in corruption.

Proposals for debate are posted in a suggestions box.

As at other people protests like Cairo's Tahrir Square and Madison, Wisconsin, things are being organized by the protesters themselves.

The camp in Sol now has its own tv station, called, which is live-streaming right now. (Warning: vuvuzelas.)

On twitter, one of the hashtags is #spanishrevolution. Some English, but mostly Spanish, natch.

As global corpocracy runs riot, we must get better at this. Watch and learn, fellow and sister Canucks.

ADDED: More insight. It's not as simple as it's being portrayed.


croghan27 said...

#1 son just spent a week in Barcelona - reports no violence and good wine.

Pseudz said...

I suppose that during the G8/G20 the three levels of government in Toronto, all sharing the same conceit of keeping the peace, gave a us some idea of how they'll deal with another 'rising'.
I'm sure that they know that they're giving cause. I'm sure, also, that they're scared.

Beijing York said...

It's thoroughly depressing. The election, much like the last UK election, has become one of choosing the lesser of two evils. I still don't believe Zapaterro was anywhere near as horrific as Tony Blair but both were pretty soft when it came to standing against corporate/market interests.

The fact that the right wing People's Party is likely to win is repugnant. It's like being resigned to the fact that Harper got his majority. They well get to experience the wide scale slashing of public programs and institutions that the Brits are enduring. All to bolster the sacrosanct free market that has absolutely no allegiance to any border or people.

Dr. Iglesias said...

Web book #spanishrevolution (analysis, statements, supports, calls, camps and events in different cities, spread to Europe, criticism, and The Contra). See:

Anonymous said...

Good-bye Canada, see you at the N.A.U.

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