Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pile-on Backlash (update)

Go read Rusty Idols: Pile-on Backlash.

The tide may have turned on Con attack jobs, even those facilitated by the so-called *liberal* media.

When the targets of scurrilous smears are regular, ordinary working class Canadians who don't ressemble Maxime *Empty Suit* Bernier, a shining example of an entitled and privileged member of the Contempt Party, people do get angry. For real.

As for the hacks doing the Cons' dirty work under the guise of balanced reporting, go fuck yourselves with splintery gardening implements.

In response to Beijing York's question, I found this:
An analysis by The Canadian Press of sponsored travel reports shows 172 MPs have taken 336 free trips over the last four years totalling $1.9 million. And that's on top of trips taken on government business.[...]

Two destinations topped the list: Taiwan and Israel, each with 68 sponsored trips.

The Taiwan trips were paid for by the Chinese International Economic Co-operation Association, a business and trade lobby organization.

The Canada-Israel Committee paid for the Israel trips. The group is active on Parliament Hill. Public filings with the lobbyist registry show 122 entries under the Canada-Israel Committee's name. Many of those meetings were with MPs who went on the group's junkets.


Beijing York said...

Some balanced reporting, not ;-(

Liberals took the most free trips with 141 compared to 132 by Conservatives, 36 by New Democrats, 25 by the Bloc Quebecois, and two by former Independent MP Bill Casey.

Not a single example of any of those 132 trips by Conservative MPs. (My guess Israel was probably high on the list of destinations.)

Niles said...

While I'm sure Brosseau has 'served' in her food services career, hasn't she been reported as being a manager of the pub to which she's connected, not just one of the table/bar staff?

And 'single mom'? Why do both of those casual descriptions leave a sour ringing of dogwhistling in my ears?

It seems to have overtones of classism, gender, *and* intellectualism.

Sixth Estate said...

The travel reports are a matter of public record. As usual this "analysis" is not making use of any real information, so I have to assume it's an example of the media dredging up a story to slam socialists. Much like the "Layton meets with unions often!" story Postmedia ran with during the election campaign.

You're right about your suspicions. The Taiwan and Israel trips go mostly to Conservative MPs (and their families), with a smattering of Liberals for good measure.




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