Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Look! A Kitten!

Blogger is giving deBeauxOs the vapours. (Kidding. Can you imagine dBO with the vapours?) In any event, she asked me to share this with DJ! readers.

The tar sands are like kittens, the winning entry in Greenpeace Canada's contest to culture jam noisome ads by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

I'm sure dBO will be along shortly to add some pithy remarks. When the Tech Gods stop fucking with her. They are sooooo gonna regret that.


Beijing York said...

Blogger sent me some weird message in French and I'm afraid to click through and erase my existence.

LOVE the ad.

fern hill said...

Ah, good, BY can comment. Blogger is having 'issues'. See next post.

Ignore message, BY. dBO asked them WTF? and we all got the reply. En français. Apparently, info did her no good.

Kev said...

They do have one thing in common... they both leave smelly messes everywhere

Beijing York said...

Yes, my message was also en français.

fern hill said...

I think she asked in French. Nice to know they accommodate non-English bloggers. As they bloody well should.

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