Friday, 6 May 2011

Endless rancour from Contempt Party

Hyaenas vs wild dogs

As expected, the howling jackals and hyenas that form the political *base* of the Contempt Party are still feasting on the carcass of the LPC leader.

Not content to express in the most petulant manner their chagrin that the man they've slandered and vilified for years in attack ads wouldn't grovel before their leader, they've continued their vituperative yapping for days after the election has ended.

In that, they are far, far worse than their mentors in the US. Karl Rove may have inspired the Cons' dirty tricks warriors, but at least he knew when to call off the scavengers.

Speaking of the US, it'll be interesting to discover who funded the robo-calls used by the Contempt Party to spread dis-information to electors in key ridings throughout the campaign.

IMHO, the munnee was provided by the Koch brothers who have bankrolled Teabaggin' US politicians like WI governor Scott Walker. Look at Con jobs Kenney, Soudas, Gill. They have the manner and style of Koch$uckers, do they not?


Alison said...

Is it legal for financial help to come from outside the country?

deBeauxOs said...

Whether it's legal or not - in that the Contempt Party will likely ^NOT have declared $$$ that paid for the robocalling - is moot, since proving the connection between the donor, the service funded and the Cons may be difficult, if not impossible.

Unless someone inside is willing to provide evidence, of course.

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