Friday, 27 May 2011

And They're Off!

So it begins.
Ontario’s Knights of Columbus are joining Knights from across Canada in an effort to bring forward a bill in Parliament that would enshrine full protections for children in the womb.

At their 108th Ontario State Convention in Toronto on May 22nd, the Ontario Knights unanimously passed a resolution “to work with a Member of Parliament to introduce a Parliamentary Bill seeking the restoration of full legal protection for the lives of the unborn.”

The organization claims to have 1.8 million members worldwide.

It's gonna be a long four years.

Maybe we should do a Canadian version of this great fundraising effort for Planned Parenthood to raise dough to fight the fetus fetishists up here.


Anonymous said...

Abortion criminalization will become a way of life in Canada while the media obsesses about Ruth Ellen Brosseau's hair colour.

Canadians really are idiots, and Harper's media has them wrapped around their fingers.

deBeauxOs said...

That's a good one, I'm sure we could brainstorm and come up with our own Canadian version.

sassy said...

No Knights allowed in my uterus.

Dark Daughta said...

Oh, we're living in a willing Conservative country. If they don't find a way to push it through, well...let's just say, we should be prepping for a fight. Less indifference, less disinterest, more paying attention. We've all been laughing at Harper for years and look where that's gotten us.

Luna said...

My husband is technically a member. He joined 17 years ago and his uncle has paid his dues all those years. The uncle stopped about 3 years ago, and so MrFCS isn't paid up. They bug him and bug him. He says, "Nope, don't wanna be a member any more." They insist they need it in writing. He says, "Nope, not spending 55 cents to mail you anything." Hahaha. Love it. I wonder how many other members of that sort there are.

(MrFCS quit when they joined up with that asshole Donohue in the US. That was his breaking point.)

Beijing York said...

The right wing in Canada has been sowing the seeds necessary to shift Canadians' social outlook to the right for the past two decades. The seedlings are growing and people are softening their former progressive positions on such issues as the death penalty, secularism and abortion.

When the NDP decided to form a faith council, in order to appeal to progressive Christian folk, the writing on the wall seemed obvious. Secularism no longer trumps matters of faith.

JJ said...

Even Jim Hughes doesn't sound very enthusiastic about this one.

But if they're going to do it (and we knew they'd try, no matter who formed government, because they do it every year), I'd rather they did it this way: propose something so goofy & extreme that all but the most fetus fetishizing Cons will have to back away from it.

What a sticky-wicky for Steve. His head must explode when he sees stuff like this.

Zorpheous said...

Fraking Fundie Fraktards!

Toe said...

Exactly JJ, there will be time to organize and raise money because of the extremeness. Let's also hope it splits the Cons up.

JJ said...

Toe - Right on. Social cons learned a long time ago that the only way they'd be allowed to play in the Conservative tree fort was if they kept their cool & resisted the urge to come unglued over "their issues". Thus the sneaky "incrementalist" foot-in-the-door approach that we've been seeing for the last few years. They like it, because they know it's the only thing that has the remotest chance of working for them, eventually.

So if the KofC wants to go hog-wild and get some nut like Cheryl Gallant to table a bill banning abortion, I say Go For It. Not only would it be voted down, it would expose all the sleazy incremental efforts for what they really are, be incredibly damaging to the fragile trust Harper's built up among centrist Canadians, and quite possibly be the last abortion-related bill we see tabled in this parliament.

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