Saturday, 16 April 2011

Stop It! All of You!

Can we progressives agree on one thing? Stephen Harper has evil plans for Canada. And under a majority, he'll finish the job he's already started so effectively.

Ergo, progressives should work to scupper the majority.

OK? We good with that?

So, for fuck's sake, knock it off with the sniping at each other!

I'm looking at you, Jack. Two of the three videos here take aim at Iggy. (The only other one is positive and points out, rightfully, that it is the NDP who can defeat ReformaTories in several ridings.)

I haven't seen any Liberal ads or videos swiping at the NDP, but I sure read a lot of crap from Liberals on blogs and tweets.

Remember, people, we're in a war here. And in war, 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'.

And what Jymn said.

Only I'm not giving up. I'm going to use my little voice to exhort people to behave rationally and vote strategically.

Canadian democracy first. Back to politics as usual later.


Mrs. Bitch said...

I'm taking a page from your book, Fern, and thinking the same thing for USian politics. Libby/Progressives are in the same boat here and need to pull together. My sniping about Obama is done until 2016. The stakes are just too effing high for the party to be split or apathetic in '12. Teabagger Repulsivecans are proving just exactly how much worse things could be if they had power from the executive branch again. ::ugh! shiver::

ThinkingManNeil said...

I generally vote NDP but will likely vote Lib this time round simply because the numbers are there. I'm no great fan of Ignatieff, esp. with his pro-Iraq War and Gitmo torture stance, but we MUST stop Harper by all means this side of violence. I'm stymied as to why more progressive parties like the NDP don't do better nationally despite offering a clearly better alternative. Corporatism and corporate media at work is all I can say.

I even voted for Joe Clark once because I felt he was a good and decent man.


Anonymous said...

Although I am a die-hard partisan Liberal, if I lived in a swing NDP/Con riding out west, I would probably be voting NDP (or Green in May's riding).
If you want the best predictor of your riding result, based on the results of the last 3 elections and current polls, check out the Riding Predictions at Eric Grenier's Blog here:
On the right side, click on 'Riding Projections' and zoom in to see the most likely result in your riding. Note its based on the current regional numbers for each party, and could change by the end of the campaign.

fern hill said...

308 Riding Projections.

ThinkingManNeil said...

I wonder if another Con minority will make Spiteful Stevie even more so? I mean, he could get even more nasty and vindictive if denied. This could get as unpleasant as if he did...

Backseat Blogger said...

oh man... I can hardly wait to May 2nd and the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, PC, MP wins a majority government... it'll be fun watching your heads all explode.

Harper Derangement Syndrome – or HDS – is an ideological hatred of Prime Minister Stephen Harper that is so acute its sufferers’ ability to reason logically is impaired. They are prepared to believe the wildest accusations against the man, no matter how thin the evidence. The psychosis manifests itself in a willingness to ascribe to Mr. Harper the vilest of motives on every issue and to blame him for everything, even events and actions he couldn’t possible have any impact on, whatsoever.

fern hill said...

You keep waiting, BB. We're out there working against it.

ck said...

BB, where do you find the time? Seriously. Don't you have a porn flick to produce?

I would like to know how you, as a gay person, can support a PM who clearly marginalizes people like you and would seek to strip LGBT community of their rights the moment they get a majority?

Surely, I'm not the first to ask.

Cliff said...

So Neil, if you voted Joe Clark and you still live in the same place that would suggest you are in downtown or beltline Calgary like me. The Lib has no chance here of beating the Tory so I feel quite comfortable with voting with my concience and voting for the party that comes closest to representing my views by voting NDP.

The latest Ekos numbers make it clear that Harper is headed for another minority - probably a smaller one than last time. All the majority wittering is the media creating a horse race where there really isn't one. The real question is whether Ignatieff is prepared to go to the Governor General the day after Harper fails to get the majority he wants and saying he's ready to govern with the help of the NDP. To that end the more support the NDP gets the better,

Steve V said...

Just to take this out of the partisan realm, CTV News with a lengthy discussion about how the NDP are more focused on the Libs than the Cons, and how this is helping Harper. People should listen to Layton's speech today, it's a one way "stop it" as far as I can tell, and apparently the non partisan lens agrees.

The NDP/Con coalition lives once again!

deBeauxOs said...

Backseat Blogger, I suggest that Harper Derangement Syndrome is better suited to the Contempt Party Kool-Aid drinkers for whom SHithead can do no wrong, even when he has flouted all his electoral promises as well as number of regulations and laws.

Cliff said...

CTV News is a 'non-partisan lens'? oohhhhh-kay......

Beijing York said...

I'm also disappointed with Layton's fixation on attacking the Liberals and the Bloc. I wish he would put his energy in securing NDP seats in Manitoba and Saskatchewan where there are some very close seats currently occupied by CONTEMPT MPs. Taking away western ridings from Conservatives is a very laudable goal, splitting the vote with BQ in Quebec and LPC in RoC not so much.

fern hill said...

Beijing York: Exactly. We the voters are voting strategically. The leaders should campaign strategically. It's the only rational course under this screwed up system.

Nadine Lumley said...

Jack Layton sold out Canada to Steve Harper

Prime Minister Martin had promised to call the election within thirty days of the release of retired justice John Gomery’s final report on the Liberal sponsorship scandal, which was delivered as planned on February 1, 2006.

Either way, therefore, a trip to the polls was imminent. But ndp strategists thought it dangerous to allow the government to set the terms of debate, and were concerned that on the key issue of political ethics the party would be caught in a squeeze between the Liberals and the Conservatives.

They believed that the Liberals would accept virtually all of Justice Gomery’s recommendations and that a chastened Liberal Party could win a majority government.

Reposted from RP1 - 1:06 PM on April 15, 2011

I blame Jack the Hack.

If he hadn't voted with heir Harper for the prospect a a few more lousy seats, he could have achieved so much more with PM Martin. Instead he condemned Canada to 5 years of reform misgovernance. Reformers should be on the knees kissing his feet.

What worse is that Jack is on the verge of doing worse damge by facilitating a chance at a harper majority.

Thank you very much Jack for scre_wing Canada.

deBeauxOs said...

Wow. Stevie Spiteful has some serious competition in the grudge-holding department.

Though other Libs may share a similar opinion, they've probably moved on and are now dealing with the how and now of reclaiming Canada for Canadians.

Orwell's Bastard said...

All very well, and god knows I've taken my share of cheap shots at the Opposition parties for slapping each other around instead of targeting the real enemy, but it's only part of the battle. The larger objective needs to be meaningful electoral reform and doing away with this putrescent FPTP system.

Anonymous said...

Backseat Blogger: Steve? Is that you? Hope you retire soon.

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