Friday, 15 April 2011

Social Media Election?

While the pundits suffer and blither over whether this is the social media election or not, one question can be answered.

Is social media affecting this election?


It's making it much more fun.

You got your Vote Mobs.

You got your (NSFW) scatological reprise of SHithead's time in office. With videos.

And you got your even less safe for work list of funny/pathetic excuses not to vote.*

I'm still clicking through that last one (h/t AntoniaZ) and LMAO.

Bonus: Interview with one of the perpetrators of the Shit Harper Did site and videos.

*I just clicked other links there. And they go to USian sites. Dommage, ^NOT Canadian.

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Oemissions said...

yes, it's FUN! and youthful
and unifying for all ages
Margaret Atwood is all atwitter about it too

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