Monday, 11 April 2011

In some parallel universe

This is nutz.

From Sheila Fraser’s office.
We will not release or comment on our audit report on the G8 Legacy Infrastructure Fund. Under the Auditor General Act, we can only present reports when Parliament is sitting. The Office of the Audit General of Canada remains the custodian of its reports until they are presented to the Speaker of the House of Commons for tabling.

So the report exists. It was going to be released on April 5. But it cannot be released because Parliament is not sitting. And Parliament is not sitting because we, the people of Canada, are in the process of making our minds up about who we want to be in the next Parliament.

And so information vital to all those decisions is being kept from us.

What universe does this make sense in?

Surely, there's somebody with both a backbone and access to the document who could do the country a giant favour?

UPDATE: There may be a workaround. 'Nothing wrong with setting a precedent.'

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Beijing York said...

I could not believe this! Also, I doubt there is much difference between the interim and final report. "Not as bad" but pretty freaking bad is my guess. Perhaps the private collusion meetings between the Deerhurst Lodge, Mayor and Clement didn't occur (who knows what phone calls were made though) but other than that, I think those arenas and sidewalks are proof that the Contempt Party treated taxpayers' monies as a slush fund and failed to account for ANY of these expenditures in Parliament.

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