Wednesday, 20 April 2011

"Honour killings" - two women dead because of religious extremism.


Oh. wait. The father who shot a mother and her daughter is a christian. More about this hateful crime of violence, from here:
A man upset about his high school-age daughter's relationship with a woman killed the girlfriend and her mother in a Southeast Austin home Monday night, culminating a months-long feud between the families, police said Tuesday.

Jose Alfonso Aviles, 45 , went to the house [...] where Norma Hurtado, 24, lived with her mother and shot both women after knocking on the door, officials said Tuesday. He has been charged with capital murder and could receive life in prison or the death penalty if convicted. [...]

Aviles' daughter, who was in the home at the time, found Norma Hurtado and her mother, 57-year-old Maria Hurtado , after they were shot, according to police and court documents.

The daughter's "family was quite upset over this relationship," Austin police Lt. Gena Curtis said Tuesday. "This had been an ongoing dispute between these families and it turned tragic, into a horrific act of violence with the death of two individuals."

The daughter told police that she and Norma Hurtado had been involved in a lesbian relationship, which her father did not approve of, and that there had been disturbances between Aviles and Norma Hurtado, according to an arrest affidavit. An online records search for those incidents turned up a report of a sexual assault in September and a family disturbance in October; however, police did not release details of the incidents.
A US blogger has tagged this as a christian "honour killing". It certainly meets the criteria: murderous violence directed at women by male family members + religious ideology + patriarchal control = "honour killing".

So islamophobes, start your Gawd-given shrieeeking engines for all to hear.


ck said...

Somehow, I don't think that ever crossed Jason Kenney's pea brain.

Funny how obscure these Christian fundy related violence stories really are.

Anonymous said...

I have read the links and haven't seen the word "Christian anywhere". Am I missing something? Is it known that the family is fundamentalist Christian?

Diana said...

I have yet to read that it was spurred on by his religion and besides even if it were this is not a practice that is accepted and encouraged by Christians funny how anti-Christians can try to twist things into something they are not

deBeauxOs said...

Hey Diana, who was it who spurred on the murderous anti-homosexual government policies in Uganda?

Evangelical "political" advisors.

Though I agree with the point that, just like non-orthodox, progressive jewish and moslem communities, the "honour killings" of women who defy male rules are not sanctioned by moderate christians.

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