Saturday, 2 April 2011

And now: Twitter opp!

Ugh. Contempt Party leader hit a new low with this kind of opportunism. And, if the above was a genuine interaction, why the complicated staging and framing for the benefit of the astro-turf purported grass-roots supporters (I believe that the Contempt Party is compensating those *real* people who show up at its campaign events) and the media.

From here:

There’s a second conversation going on between the political parties and their direct audiences — the thousands of potential voters who are “following” — or reading — them.

At times, that appears to be an intimate conversation: Conservative Leader Stephen Harper tweeted on Day 1 of the campaign to his son Ben. “Ben, Great win! And against older guys! The team must be excited. Congratulate them all for me. Dad.”

Yet, even the intimacy was no doubt meant for the broader audience. A photo on the Conservative party website shows Harper on the campaign plane, typing the in-flight tweet to Ben on his iPad after Ben’s “team had just won a volleyball tournament.”

But never fear, Contempt Party leader. Someone who "knows who the important people are" claims she's got Stevie UnSpiteful's number. Scroll down to get the ZOMG quote.


Beijing York said...

Does Harper even bother paying attention to his daughter? Not that tweeting and shaking hands makes him the most affectionate father to Ben but his daughter rarely gets acknowledged.

deBeauxOs said...

BY, I read in a news item that covered Contempt leader's performance gimmick that someone observed that Maria Aragon was younger than Rachel. Telling, isn't it?

fern hill said...

Hm. I knew there was a daughter. Never heard her name before. It is telling.

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