Saturday, 5 March 2011

Wisconsin Update (March 5/11)

Still obsessed with intensely interested in Wisconsin.

Catching up:

Last night, all protesters left the capitol building. Here they are singing their way out.

Another MASSIVE demonstration is planned for today. And it has a theme -- suits! That's in reaction to ReThug senator Grothman who called the protesters 'slobs'. Such a lovely guy.
Furthermore, Grothman has opposed increased funding for anti-smoking bills and voted against the bill that was passed to prohibit smoking in restaurants and bars. He argued that Martin Luther King Jr. day should not be a paid holiday. He introduced legislation that would remove the requirement to disinfect municipal water systems, although a 1993 Cryptosporidium outbreak killed 104 Milwaukee residents and made thousands extremely ill.

There are rumours that Michael Moore may show up.

There are pleas for more supplies.
@FrauMorris RT @opencapitol: Please RT: This wkend more "3M Super-Sticky" Post-Its Needed! Stores near sold-out. Help people be heard #wiunion #wearewi

(They've been leaving messages stuck to the locked doors of the capitol.)

And there are weather forecasts.
@RobinMarohn RT @muskrat_john: "Partly crowdy with a chance of bagpipes..." #wiunion

And if you love Rachel Maddow, go watch her gloat.

In related news, that $7.5 million clean up bill fell yesterday to a mere $350,000. Today it appears to have fallen even more.
@thewhereblog In 1 day, the estimate for damage to the capitol from #wiunion went from $7.5 million to $0. Now *that's* a budget repair bill

('Budget Repair Bill' is the supposedly 'minor' bill that caused the initial fuss.)

More later.

UPDATE: Confirmed. Michael Moore will be there.

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