Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Oops! (updated)

That MASSIVE tinkling sound you're hearing is Blob Blogging Wingnut wetting HERself in excitement over a tactic that the anti-abortion group Faith2Action will exploit when it appears before the Ohio House Health Committee.

From here:

According to the AP [...] a pregnant woman will be "brought before the committee and an ultrasound image of her uterus will be projected onto a screen" with the heartbeat shown in color. Faith2Action president Janet Folger Porter says the intent is to show legislators who will be affected by the bill. If that's the case, aren't there sentient beings, like, say, the people that will have to raise it for the next eighteen years that could use actual words to testify?

What's next? Sperm testifying about how sad they are never to have made it to an egg?

The source for the above is New York Magazine, not The Onion.

If The Fetus©™ fetishists and catholic zealots BBW and John 'Sperm Holocaust' Pacheco had their way, all menstruating females would be forced to collect every single drop of their monthly flow and bring it to a government inspection station. No woman would escape the ideologically-motivated scrutiny of her reproductive apparatus, also known as the ovaries + the uterus.

Oh. Wait.

Update: my virtual roomie provided a link to pharyngula's post about those rightwingnutjobs and something jumped out at me.
Early ultrasound examinations will primarily detect the presence of the extraembryonic sac, not the embryo itself. It's too small. Around 5 weeks, you might be able to see a fuzzy small blob with a flutter that is the beating heart, but that's about it, and you do have to use transvaginal ultrasound to pick it up — that is, you have to insert the ultrasound probe deep into the vagina.

Got that? In order to get the maximum blobby F/X, the ultrasound probes would have to be inserted deep in the pregnant women's respective vaginas. No sacrifice too great for BABEEZ! it would seem. Betcha most of those male RepubliCon Ohio legislators will get their rocks off on that. In fact, that's probably why they've allowed this histrionic display.


fern hill said...

PZ Myers has an excellent photo and description of the fetus at this gestational age.

One of his commenters suggests that he get court standing as a 'Fetus Whisperer'.

fern hill said...

I've had a transvaginal ultrasound -- for non-gyne reason, but it's a handy way in we females have for closer look at all kinds of bits.

On a scale of one to ten from 'a little uncomfortable' to 'SHRIEEEEK', I'd rate it a 3 or 4. There is much prodding around, of a not-fun nature. Also, it's deeply invasive, physically, emotionally, and psychically.

If a doc recommended another one, I'd have to have a LOT of reasons spelled out for me.

And yeah, these misogynist assholes would get their rocks off on the pain and humiliation it causes.

J. A. Baker said...

As I said over at my blog, those feti have more brains than the fetus fetishists using them for cheap political theater.

Anything to give the Rethuglicans a stiffy, eh?

JJ said...

Unbelievable. UN-freaking-believable!!!

That is what misogyny looks like. I can't think of any reason for doing this other than a deep-seated hate for women and a desire to see them punished in the most humiliating way possible.


fern hill said...

How's the JJ-Head-Exploder Meter doing?

(Guest blogging invite still open.)

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