Friday, 4 March 2011

More than just a pretty face

A friend emailed a link to this YouTube about Adele, a young woman whose talent and drive have propelled her from Tottenham to the world stage.

I love her music, but I hated the staging of the music video; why did the director restrict Adele to a chair? Other people play drums, twirl, dance but she is compelled to perform sitting down. I suspect that it was Adele's lack of a willowy figure that figured in the director's choice.

For counter-balance, here is the same song in a performance recorded live before an audience. For purists, an accoustic version can be found here.

For the record, this is what Adele had to say about critics associating her music in with Amy Winehouse and Duffy:
"We got lumped in together, but I don't think we sound alike at all. We were trying to achieve the same things but we're a gender, not a genre."


double nickel said...

She performed on Q the other day. She was sitting then too. Maybe it's just her preference. You can see it on Q TV (utube). I've been listening to the single from the new CD for the past couple of months, and loving it.

Bina said...

She doesn't need to be skinny to be beautiful and stylish, any more than her singing needs to bend the notes into pretzels to be soulful. Wish all those American Idol contestants could listen to her and learn from a master, because she unquestionably IS one.

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