Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Don't Rape.

Is that clear enough for all sexual predators, including Kenneth Rhodes and his soul brother Justice Robert Dewar to understand?
To follow the campaign and attend the event, go to *SlutWalk*. Brilliant branding strategy.


The Mound of Sound said...

"Slutwalk" Love it. About time too. Good one, dBO

JJ said...

SlutWalk: I LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

The full trial transcript available on the Winnipeg Free Press web site presents a different picture of the Judge's comments. It's worth a read.

fern hill said...

After some needlessly dumb searching at WFP, I found the transcript. Haven't read it yet.

double nickel said...

The transcript gives a much fuller picture the facts of the case and of his reasons for the judgment. Not sure it changes much though.

k'in said...

From the WFP article:

"In this case, Dewar said, "there was some invitation, however involuntary."

Would you like some dressing with that word salad Steve's stooge-boy, er your Honour.

Page 74 of the transcript:

"...two young women, one of which was wearing a tube top without a bra, and both of whom were made up..."

Who the hell wears a bra with a tube top...isn't that the whole point of tube tops?

And better deploy the Royal Harper Mounted Police asap to the Bay cosmetic counter - if only they can prevent just one more "made up" slut from getting raped, damn the deficit, it will be so worth it!

Luna said...

Morley: It's amazing how the media like to twist things for a story. Like the UC Minister who was accused of saying women bring it on themselves at his shelter. Sheesh.

example: http://www.grassrootsyouth.ca/2011/03/first-united-church-reverend-blames-women-for-being-raped-in-shelter/

What he actually said was that by removing their clothes, the homeless women, who are also mentally ill, become more likely to be assaulted.

It's true. And it's not their fault. They're easier targets for those who would assault them because they're naked (or almost) and they're clearly mentally ill. They're vulnerable. It's like saying, 'By being children, people under 18 are more likely to be abused by relatives'.

Back to the transcript for a second, the big point that I noticed IMMEDIATELY is that the woman was native. No surprise there. And it totally explains to me what the judge was thinking. :( (remember Ternowetsky and Cummerfield? Search for "13")

Luna said...

Oops. Spelled that wrong. Should be Kummerfield.

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