Monday, 7 February 2011

Tough Love

Kate Heartfield, a member of the editorial board of the Ottawa Citizen, shares with her readers the text of a statement from the Egyptian Ministry of Information about the treatment of foreign journalists. She is correct; it makes sense, in the use of a particular form of logic and obfuscation well exploited by tyrants to justify any rampant abuse of human rights.

When you read the document, if you pause and close your eyes for a moment, you can almost hear a chortle of amusement and bonhommie emanating from the despots who directed their subalterns to craft and distribute it.
Statements issued by a number of international sources alleging an official policy against internatinal [sic] media are false. Acts of violence against journalists, or any person are unacceptable. In instances were international media have been detained for questioning by the authorities, the Ministry of Information, represented by the State Information Service, has worked closely and successfully with authorities to expedite the process of their release. [...]

Regrettably, international journalists have been endangered by the same conditions that have threatened all Egyptians in areas of the country where there have been major disturbances and a breakdown of security. All these matters are the subject of comprehensive and in depth investigation as ordered by the President, and monitored by the Vice-President and the Prime Minister.
By all means, do read the editorial written in response to the forcible detention of, and violent attacks upon, journalists in Egypt as well as to to the paternalistic verbiage produced by Egyptian officials toiling for the Ministry of DisInformation.


double nickel said...

Judging by the comments on that editorial, Mubarak's propaganda seems to be working.

deBeauxOs said...

Oh yeah, the Con Attack Parrots. It shows how well Stevie Spiteful's Politburo, previously known as the PMO, has succeeded in the spread of its own propaganda. There are people who don't believe any *news* unless released by the HarperCons.

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