Saturday 19 February 2011

Next: Hiring Quotas for HarperCons

Also known as Affirmative Action for RightWingers.

Radio-Canada and other media have raised some interesting questions and uncovered some fascinating information about the recent appointment of Tom Pentefountas to the CRTC. From here:
A Commons committee has voted to bring the newly appointed vice-chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission before them to answer some pointed questions about his qualifications and his vision for the role.

Opposition MPs have accused the government of making a partisan appointment in former Montreal lawyer Tom Pentefountas, hired to the senior-ranking CRTC position earlier this month. Critics have said that Pentefountas, who is the former president of the Action democratique du Quebec, a political party with ties to the Conservatives, does not have the credentials for the job.

At a Commons heritage meeting Wednesday, MPs agreed to call on Pentefountas along with officials from Canadian Heritage, the Privy Council and the Prime Minister's Office to describe the hiring process, from the criteria used in vetting applications to timelines for interviews.
The position involves a number of complex responsibilities, and applicants for the position are in principal, required to demonstrate that they have the knowledge, the experience and the skills needed to accomplish the job.

But never fear! The PMO, aka Stevie's Politburo, was directly involved in the vetting process. Furthermore Michel Arpin, who previously held the position, was hired to "coach" Pentefountas in all the areas in which he is deficient.


Unknown said...

I came here hoping to see your wrath directed at the two recent doctor crimes in the news (barely in the news.) Man, this is weighing on me. I mean the Montreal lung specialist who took furtive pictures of his female patients in states of undress, and Dr. Justin Fuminori Onzuko who, when a resident at McMaster Medical School, made pornography with unconscious women patients. He undressed them and did sexual things to them. He has not yet been sentenced but the joint recommendation of crown and defence is---get this--- a six-month sentence. The lung specialist had his licence suspended for a few months by the Quebec medical board.

Keep up the great rants.

deBeauxOs said...

Lynn, this is the first I've heard about these 2 physicians - will certainly do a future post about such abuses.

Niles said...

They're not even trying anymore. It's out in the open, just like down south.

I'm biased. Was at a town hall with Bob Rae, Martha HF, Dr. Carolyn Bennett. it was entirely unscripted, taking questions from the audience mics.

One question led to BR stating there is a difference between rule of Law and rule of Laws. He's got a new book out touching on some of the principles. We're seeing a rule of Laws. IE: not the underlying principle of community peace,order and good government, but specific dictative Laws that are supposed to be heeded as 'good' because the State decreed them into being. It fits right into the 'authoritarian follower' mindset. Laws must be heeded...because they are laws...not because they are good laws or bad laws, but because they are laws.

Can't pass those sorts of laws unless there are willing syncophants put into position to propose, pass and declare those laws as the new reality. The making of reality, not reality based law. Another import from the US neocons.

Wisconsin is seeing the sharp edge of the blade on this. Total ideological gutting, heedless of human cost. People are finally taking to the streets for their lives. What's the trend in Canada? We're usually three years behind the American wave?

Ever since PM Blue Meanie's praise of the US in that speech that derided his own country, I felt he was a Canadian quisling for the American neocons. He was trying too hard to suck up, the way hangers on do when they know the gang leaders are barely tolerating them. The kind of hanger-on that will do some of the worst bullying to prove their 'worth'.

He's done *nothing* to make that image go away. And now he has new, blunter, standards to meet to be taken 'seriously' by the big boys.

Unknown said...

deBeauxOs--Thank you! See page 2 of today's Sunday Star for two additional doctors accused of gang rape. One of them graduated from McMaster last year (as did Onzuko). The article is by Noel Grzetic and Daniela Germano. It's beginning to feel like an epidemic.

I'll be watching this space.

Unknown said...

One more thing. Can these crimes be unrelated to the practice in medical schools, including McMaster, of teaching med students to do pelvic exams on unconscious, unconsenting women? See Andre Picard and another blogger

deBeauxOs said...

Lynn, your 2nd link is the same as the 1st. Did you read that blogpost at A Creative Revolution?

Unknown said...

Sorry. I searched "Andre Picard pelvic exam" and got lots of interesting hits. I'm reading one now that is med students indignantly discussing the Picard column. It is here

So far haven't found the one I intended to link to, but there are so many blog comments about it, I see now, that it probably doesn't matter.

Just looked at A Creative Revolution. No, that wasn't it, but I liked it.

deBeauxOs said... Is Stevie Spiteful shooting his foot off, one toe at a time?

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