Thursday, 24 February 2011

More Anti-Abortion Terrorism

I'm busy with work and revolution-watching, so I'll let Mother Jones do the reproductive rights blogging. They're good at it.
February's been a busy month in the war on reproductive rights. Last week, MoJo's Kate Sheppard broke the story about an effort in South Dakota to classify the murder of abortion doctors as a "justifiable homicide" (the bill was scrapped); this morning we told you about a similar effort in Nebraska, which the Omaha Police Department says could incite violence; and in Georgia, lawmakers are considering a bill that would conceivably permit the state to execute women who have miscarriages.

The legislators behind these efforts have generally deflected criticism by arguing that their bills are being misinterpreted. But Jacksonville, Florida mayoral candidate Mike Hogan doesn't really have that option. Participating at a candidate forum at a Catholic church on Monday, Hogan emphasized his long-standing opposition to Roe v. Wade, which is to be expected from a conservative Republican. But then he went one step further:
Hogan added that the only thing he wouldn't do was bomb an abortion clinic, then the law-and-order advocate added, with a laugh, "but it may cross my mind."

The Mandarin crowd applauded.


These people are terrifying. Well, that's what terrorists want.


J. A. Baker said...

Speaking of terrorism, it seems that Nebraska is trying to do South Dakota one better on that "Open Season on Abortion Providers" bill... (via PZ)

I say again: I can has job in Canada?

wv="oniaxe" Because slaying demons requires an oniaxe. (Bilingual bonus for you Japanese speakers.)

fern hill said...

I'm so sad for progressive Americans like you, JAB.

But aren't you feeling just a teensy bit optimistic about Wisconsin?

J. A. Baker said...

Well, I felt a little bit better when I heard that the prank call to Gov. Wanker was actually getting attention in our Corrupt Conservative Corporate Press (CCCP). It also heartened me when the CCCP deigned to have a labor leader on the Sunday shows this week (though it was sad that they had to be shamed into it).

J. A. Baker said...

However, I worry that it won't matter in the long run, since Gov. Wanker is determined to kill the public sector unions in Wisconsin before they get the chance to sap and impruify his precious bodily fluids. The Democratic state senators aren't going to be able to flee the state forever, you know.

fern hill said...

When I haven't been glued to Al-Jazeera (or trying to make a living), I've been glued to #WIUnion at Twitter. Those CheeseHeads are determined. (And fun. Good spellers, too.)

I have a teensy ray of hope that Walker will back down under pressure from his own Senators who'd like to be elected again. Walker may just postpone it. But the people are awake now.

J. A. Baker said...

This doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the outcome in Wisconsin.

Cliff said...

Good article on the fake Planned Parenthood 'sting' videos:

fern hill said...

Cliff's link: clickable.

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