Saturday, 26 February 2011

More about the Cons' Affirmative Action

Just when you thought a significant systemic shift occured in Canada in the last century, along comes Stevie Spiteful and his grim cabal of HarperCon bullies.

By way of @kady O'Malley, we hear that a Harper Government official is scheduled to make an announcement related to crime prevention in the lobby of the YMCA tomorrow. That's in Montreal, so it's not likely to be related to the crime promotion tirade for which Justice Dewar became recently notorious.

Though when you consider how the HarperCon notion of *justice* is situation -specific, it follows that Minister Nicholson would replace a progressive female judge with a male lawyer whose expertise lies in corporate/commercial litigation - one who donated to the CPC in 2008.

When you read the numerous accounts of Dewar's pontification, in which he morally exonerated convicted rapist Kenneth Rhodes by dubbing him "a clumsy Don Juan", one gets a sense of how the criminal prosecution system is being retro-fitted by the Cons into their own image.

That scheme will be policed by G20-type goons, staffed by ReformaTory appointments, and it will enable convicted cast in the good ol' boys mold to get away with, well ... probably murder too if it comes to that. And who do you think sex offender Rhodes will vote for, in the next federal election?

Plus ça change, plus les Cons se ressemblent.

h∕t k'in.

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Anonymous said...

If you don't dress the way my church says, I'll let your rapist go free.

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