Wednesday, 16 February 2011

#laralogan & forcible penetration.

Was the brutal physical assault inflicted upon CBS reporter Lara Logan actual, *real* rape-rape? Were any of her body orifices penetrated with a weapon?

A penis can be a weapon when deliberately used with force and hatred, though many rapists are impotent and have tortured women with a variety of implements. Prurient minds need to know.

Even in the absence of the crudest of details, the shrieeeking hordes of gynophes (aka women-haters), islamophes (aka moslem-haters) and racists are yapping non-stop, spewing their ignorance over Twitter and the blogosphere.

Never mind it was a group of Egyptian women and men (soldiers) that rescued Logan from what some people consider a 'fate worse than death', right?

Of course, those same people seemingly have no time to consider the fate of women in the Congo. By the way, KAIROS and Rights & Democray, the organizations maligned and de-funded by HarperCons supported programs that provide assistance to women and girls who have survived vicious, vile sexual violence.

It's also important to remember the thousands of women in the US armed forces who were sexually assaulted by their male colleagues - not by the enemy - because, like Lara Logan, they were doing a *man's job*.

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