Saturday, 5 February 2011

'The Family Leader' FAIL

Just when you thought rightwing whackos couldn't get any nuttier, somebody comes along to crank up the shrieeek!

[...]The Family Leader, a conservative group spearheading the repeal same-sex-marriage campaign in Iowa. The organization’s president, Bob Vander Plaats, has embarked on a 99-county tour in which he presents The Family Leader as a traditional religious group that is more interested in restoring biblical values than slandering gay people. “The Family Leader affirms sexual relations within the bond of marriage, and opposes distortions of sexuality or special rights to those practicing distorted sexual behavior,” the group’s website states.

But as Hooper discovered, a slight alternation of the organization’s website reveals, a site which describes homosexuality as a public health crisis akin to smoking and endorses discredited ex-gay reversal therapies [...]

Those christianist zealots are indeed toxic, and the video that describes their activities and lobbying events is chilling.

Notwithstanding the contempt they have for the teaching of evolution, these bible-thumpers attempt to convey that there is a scientific basis to the lies they spew. This cached webpage can be found via google:
It is currently popular to support the notion of allowing two people of the same gender to “marry” each other. But should we ignore what science is telling us just because it is popular?

Doesn't that loopy illogic remind you of someone whose name is not yet trademarked because she didn't sign the application form? Yup, you betcha.


Beijing York said...

These fundie groups are taken way to seriously these days. Honestly, what has happened to our society that allows these groups to have any legitimacy? They used to be laughed at as fringe nuts but now they actually have power and influence.

Alison said...

"But should we ignore what science is telling us just because it is popular?"

What science would that be? The science that finds same sex attraction in many species? The science that finds there is a biological basis for homosexuality? I am at a loss to understand their totally perverted logic.

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