Friday, 4 February 2011

Dicktators Say The Funniest Things...

Silvio Berlusconi offers his support: "...President Mubarak is considered a wise man by the US and other occidental countries, and a specific point of reference for the Middle East..."

Damning with faint praise, Silvio?

You'd think that Berlusconi would leave poor Mubarak alone, given the little incident back in October.
A scandal over Silvio Berlusconi's relationship with a teenage Moroccan girl took on legal and political overtones today when a senior police officer confirmed that the Italian prime minister's office had intervened on her behalf when she was detained on suspicion of theft, claiming she was the granddaughter of the Egyptian president.

That would appear to leave Berlusconi open to claims that he abused his position – a criminal offence under Italian law.
How can Mubarak possibly reciprocate? Mmm ... he might suggest that the Catholic Church needs a leader like Silvio, and should change their electoral rules to allow him to become Pope Maledict when the current titleholder shuffles off to hell. That sounds fitting.

Grand merci to lagatta who provided source material for this post.

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