Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Fantino and Dividing the Right

OK, depending on how one looks at it, it could be called 'far left and far right working together' or 'divide the right', but the Freaks are seriously pissed about Fantino's cabinet job.

Here's my Facebook friend Connie:
I'm willing to strike a deal with the opposition. If they bring down the government, I won't campaign, finance, or vote Conservative.

Here's a like-minded Freak:
I arrived to your same conclusion, a long time ago. I think I would be specially important to target 905 ridings , where the CPC has some red tories in some cases and in others people without spine to stand up to Harper.

I would suggest in those areas in which the CPC vote is close to that of the Liberals, one should hold their noses and vote for their opposition.

This would be not so much about voting against the CPC, but more like a lesson and a price to pay for departing from social and fiscal conservatisme.

That's all it would take. No campaigning, financing, or voting from the so-conneds.


Yo! Fucking Liberals ®! You paying attention? There's electoral gold in and around Toronto and elsewhere. Exploit it.

You're welcome.


ck said...

I think that's where they'll concentrate most of their energies the next election. The robocop Fantino win woulda served as a wake up call.

Any bets as to how long Fantino's new career as a politician will last? How long will he stand to be muzzled and micromanaged by the likes of Soudas and the other teen-agers in the PMO?

It's interesting that you brought up what that second freak said though... It does remind us that there are still some right of center who can be swayed away from the Harpercons.

k'in said...

Next general election, Fantino will be toast if anything close to normal dismal voter turnout occurs. Voter turnout was only a weak 31% for his "coronation".

Dude deserves some sort of Speedy Gonzalez award though for bringing up Godwin's Law in record time.

"“ I think they [the Liberals] intended to hurt my campaign. The things they said ... a lot of them were absolute lies. They keep repeating [them]. I call it the Hitler Theory. You tell a lie often enough you hope that some people will believe it. "


Beijing York said...

He's now Secretary of State for Seniors. Who even knew such a position existed.

fern hill said...

Rick Mercer tweeted yesterday: 'Fantino -- Tough on Seniors'.

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